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Rick Walker Cracks Me Up

By Tony

1:45 PM EST on February 28, 2008

I went to the KATT's web site in the faint hopes that they'd posted Rick & Brad's interview with Lauren Richardson from yesterday, but no luck.

On the positive side, I did find this interview with Rick Walker, and he makes a funny:

What's your favorite pick-up line?

Hi, I'm Dean Blevins.

Bam! Rick is my new hero for the day. I mean, that's not quite as good a pick up line as "I'm Clark Matthews, let me read you the Justice League," but it's close. And funnier.

Between that and this recent Toby Rowland blog entry (ignore the stuff about us), it seems maybe our friends in the media are loosening up a little bit and becoming more willing to poke fun at each other. Or maybe Rick and Toby just happen to have a good sense of humor about themselves.

As a reward for good behavior, I am going to encourage everyone to buy Rick Walker's new film "The Fun Park," coming out on DVD March 4th. Just check out that cast: Amy McRee! Brad Copeland! Pork! The movie even centers around Clark's nemesis, Bobo the Insult Clown. Here's the trailer:

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