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This is The Ladies Room…

12:29 AM EST on February 18, 2008

Talk about unintentional comedy gold, watch this clip. The only thing missing is the little hipster girl asking the old General if she would like any schweddy balls:

If I ever meet a lady that watches The Ladies Room, please wake me up and ask me why I am eating at the Queen Anne Cafeteria, and better yet, to hurry up and help my grandma with her tray. Come on! What the hell are the people at thinking and how did this series get a greenlight? Can you imagine the first few production meetings:

"Let's get Angie Bruss, a homely virgin-looking girl and a hipster to talk about relevant topics to today's woman."

"Yes, sir! What should we call it?"

"The Ladies Room. And be sure to get us a General to interview. Or at least Jenni Carlson."

Anyway, maybe I'm being too hard on the people at (or should we say I mean The Ladies Room is funny, and they are making strides in other areas (liking having Sally Eastridge change up her outfit and lose the Mardi Grad Beads). But if they were really smart, they would do away with most of their shows and give us more George Lang and Heather Warlick. Or better yet, screw George Lang and just give us more Heather Warlick. Maybe even send her to Braum's to make ice cream or something...

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