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Sally Eastridge needs a raise…

7:16 AM EST on February 11, 2008

We'll it looks like has taken things to the next level and hired a "weekend anchor." Her name is Sally Eastridge. These are her Friday, Saturday and Sunday updates from Oklahoma's website:

Sunday Update

Saturday Update

Friday Update

Hey, I know that the powers to be at are still learning this whole video news thing, but when you hire or promote someone to a weekend anchor position, shouldn't a standard interview question be:

Do you own more than one professional outfit?

I think it should. But then again, I also like checker boards, Red Baron pizza boxes and blondes, so I'm not complaining. Also, what's up with that Christmas light Mardi Gras necklace thing? What did Sally do? Flash Dave Morris at Pearls on Fat Tuesday and get that thing in return? We demand an answer!

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