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What the hell is going on in our county jails…

First, the Custer County jail turned into some real life Girls in Prison flick. Then, a month or two later, the founder of Girls Gone Wild claimed he was tortured by jailers in the Grady Country Jail. Now we learn the chick above apparently raped a male inmate at the Okfuskee County Jail by giving him a blow job, or, as The Oklahoman more elegantly stated, "performed oral sex."

From the court affidavit:

Ms. Pelley wrote in her statement, she entered cell 10 with Bobby Mann. Ms. Pelley stated the two kissed for a while. Ms. Pelley stated she then performed oral sex on Mr. Mann. Ms. Pelley stated she stopped after thinking about what she was doing. wonder she's being accused of rape. She pulled the terrible "stopped after thinking about what she was doing" routine! What is she, married to the guy?

Also, when did the Oklahoma County Jail system think it was okay to start reenacting old porn storylines? I thought jail was supposed to be more like "Oz." Not some Jesse Jane flick. Hell, the alleged rapist is even a 20-year old bisexual ex-cheerleader who's MySpace page says: "I AM NOT A TYPICAL GIRL... I love to try new things and I like to party and have fun." It's like the only thing missing from this whole escapade is some cheesy 1970's soundtrack and a cleared Internet browsing history.

Anyway, our legislative leaders need to quit focusing on crippling our state economy and instead do something to clean up our county jails. And if not, at least give us webcam access or something.

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