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Obligatory License Plate Post

By Tony

2:27 PM EST on January 11, 2008

If you are anything like those of us at The Lost Ogle, you are obsessed with license plates. In fact, before we got the idea for an OKC-centric site, the three of us were going to have a blog dedicated only to license plates. But, we decided it would generate too much traffic for us to handle, so we just decided to spend our free time posting funny pictures of Tyler Suitors.

But yeah, we love license plates. Specifically, vanity plates. We each recently got our own vanity plates. Here they are:







But even better than simple vanity plates are specialty license plates. You know, like the Support Education plates or the NRA plates. Now, our good pals over at Red Dirt Kings have brought our attention to the greatest specialty plate of all time: The "Killed In Action" License Plate.

Have you recently been Killed In Action and don't have a way to show it on your license plate? Then this is the plate for you. Thanks, Oklahoma Tax Commission!

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