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I wish it ended like this….

In honor of tonight's Fiesta Bowl, I'd like to share this classic You Tube clip with you.  I hope and pray that tonight's game isn't 1/8th as entertaining as last year's "why is that guy running sideways and backwards on 4th and 18!" debacle.  I also hope and pray that the game tonight is not as "up and down" as last year's nightmare.  Seriously, the 2007 Fiesta Bowl was the equivalent of showing up to Baker's Street on a Saturday night and getting hit on by a bunch of ugly "122nd and Penn" girls for three hours, but then pulling your act together and ending up taking home some hot girl from Edmond because she likes funny guys, and when you get home she sees a picture of your family and you discover she's your long lost half sister and then one of the Mathis brother's jumps out from the closet and has sex with her.   Sure, it was entertaining and makes a good story, but the ending sucked and you feel down and creepy for weeks.  Or, well, something like that.

Anyway, good luck to the Sooners tonight.  May Gary England watch over and protect them.

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