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What Happened To This?

By Tony

12:59 PM EST on December 20, 2007

Awhile back, a story broke that pretty much topped the list of awesomest things ever.

The Great White Way will never be the same: In an exclusive interview, Wayne Coyne, lead singer of the Flaming Lips, told that the psych-rock band will team up with acclaimed TV writer and show creator Aaron Sorkin to turn the group's 2002 album Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots into a Broadway musical.

When I read this, I was so excited that I got up and started frantically humping the chair at my desk. I assume everyone else did the same thing.

Seriously, Aaron Sorkin collaborating with the Flaming Lips? It doesn't get any better than that. I'm not really surprised he's a fan. It makes sense. He's a big fan of mushrooms and I once heard a rumor that some fans of the Flaming Lips have done drugs before. I'm not saying that's true, it's just a rumor I heard. Anyway, I'm not exactly sure how this musical is supposed to be executed, but I assume it will have a guy in a bubble talking really fast.

This story first broke several months ago in March, and now it's already July (I think. I don't really pay attention to "human time". This is July, right?) and to the best of my googling ability there have been exactly zero updates. What's going on in the writing/production of this musical? Is it still on? Surely there is at least one reader that can give me some new information on this subject.

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