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Meet Your Oklahoma Cavs Dance Team, Part II

Hehe...just kidding. That's not the real dance team. I think it's actually the Oklahoma Cavs halftime "entertainment." Check out the real Cavs dance team after the jump.

Yep, that's them. You may remember about six weeks ago when we provided a free sneak preview of a few of the dancers. And by "sneak preview", I mean we just posted some of their MySpace Pics before the "official" pic above was released.

Anyway, I guess it's kind of good to finally see some fledgling minor league cheerleaders in action"“complete with awkward pouty looks, half smiles and arched backs. It's also good to see that the Cavs staff likes to set up the scoreboard computer when the dance team is taking their group photo. Sadly, I think those are the only good things from the photo. Let me tell you two things that are not good:

Not Good Thing Number 1: I would probably hook up with at least half of these girls if I were sober. Hell, I'd even hook up with a couple others if I were drunker than someone who just finished playing the Jim Traber drinking game as "Mark Rodgers." I never thought I'd see the day when I would openly admit to something that...well...sad. It makes me feel old and icky. Of course, I also ranked Al Eschbach as the hottest man in the Oklahoma media, so who knows.

Not Good Thing Number 2: The picture of the Cavs Girls inspired me to perform research on the rest of the CBA teams and see how their dancing gals compare to the ladies from Lawton. The results are below:

The Albany Patroons Emeralds

On sheer quantity alone, the Emeralds have the Cavs dancer beat. Plus they take their pictures in front of old fireplace looking things. Plus most of them appear hot. Advantage: Emeralds


The East Kentucky Miner Diamond Girls

Diamond Girls? Are you kidding me? Robo Niner and Abner 89er are rolling in their mascot grave right now. These girls should be the Zirconia Girls. Advantage: Cavs Girls.


The Great Falls Explorers Sapphires

According to Tony, The Red Dog has better looking dancers than these girls from Great Falls. That's not good. Advantage: Cavs Girls


Minot SkyRockets Rockettes

You have to love a dance team that wears black shirts and jeans. They are also from a town"“Minot"“that we never knew existed. Advantage: Rockettes.


The Rio Grande Silverados Dance Team:

From the group picture, I would say the Silverados girls win. But when you see their individual shots, it kind of changes your mind...maybe. Advantage: Push


The Yakima Sun Kings Sun Dancers:

The chick in the middle is wearing tube socks. Tube socks!!! Advantage: Sun Dancers

So there you have it. Now you know how the Lawton Cavs Girls compare with other fledgling minor league basketball dance teams form around the country. As a reward for making it this far, here's a picture of non-fledgling professional basketball team dancer: Honeybee Talor.

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