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Where will Tyler Suiters rank?

9:48 PM EST on December 7, 2007


If you are totally totally totally bored next Monday, be sure to stop by as we unveil the "Hottest Men in the Oklahoma City Media" power poll. Because everyone seemed to have a problem with the way we conducted the list of the "20 Hottest Women in the Oklahoma City Media," we are going to do these rankings on our own. This way, they will be as accurate as possible.


Will Tyler Suiters (pictured above), his pager and his ginormous left man-boob make the Top 10? Will Curtis Fitzpatrick top Brent Skarky? Will Alex Cameron quit smiling? And where does Terri Watkins fall into all of this? Check out Monday to find out.

p.s.- Yes. We know this is amazingly ghey. In fact, other than Tony and I watching Clark Matthew's organize his Unicorn-themed Trapper Keeper folder collection, this may be the gheyest thing we've ever done. But alas we do have female readers, and hopefully by showing to them how secure we are with our heterosexuality, it will help us out down the road. We also like "The Notebook" and sunsets and puppies. You know, because we are cool and sensitive.

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