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Fun with Pictures

3:31 PM EDT on October 12, 2007

I figured this would be a neat little exercise to do whenever it appears that the three of us have a serious case of bloggers block (which seems to be today's case). I'll call it "Fun with Pictures", where we take three outstanding pictures from Oklahoma websites and provide our own neat little captions. And, since our reader comments are usually a lot better than what we write, please contribute your captions, too. Whoever provides the best one wins a piece of Clark Matthews' Birthday Cake.

This week we are featuring pictures from the Look at OKC website. See them after the jump. Good luck!

Picture A:

This is what happens when fingers go where they don't belong!

Picture B:

Not satisfied by the bar's free appetizers, Sally decided to eat the karaoke microphone.

Picture C:

Her boyfriend is unaware that once they get married, she'll never eat a corn dog again.

Picture D:

"Well, Curtis Fitzpatrick seemed to liked it well enough."

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