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Happy Labor Day

It's labor day, which ironically is a day in which no labor is done.   But, while I get paid to not count beans today, I can't be totally happy.  You see, I realized that Jenni Carlson gets paid to write.  About sports.  And I don't.

Sure, I think Pat owes me about twelve cents for my share of the ad revenue from TheLostOgle, so I'm not a complete amateur, but Jenni Carlson has my dream job (albeit for The Oklahoman).  And apparently she likes to rub my nose in it by publishing horribly written pieces.

Case in point:  Jenni blogged the OU game on Saturday.  Now, I know a thing or two about blogging a sporting event, so I was expecting some real insight and possibly more than two paragraphs on the event...or atleast more time speaking on the event than her favorite color.  I was wrong.

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