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Inhofe Hates Ethics

5:03 PM EDT on August 30, 2007

To be honest, I was originally hoping to find a quote from Senator Tom Coburn hoping it would sufficiently fit a new feature: "Crazy Uncle Coburn"(TM-babYseaLcluBsamicH). When that failed, I just looked for any possible way to get an Oklahoma link to Senator Larry "I'm Not Gay, I Just Like to Proposition for Sex in Men's Bathrooms" Craig (R-ID). Unfortunately, this was the best I could do.

On August 2nd, the Senate voted on a sweeping ethics reform bill that is intended to severely limit the power of lobbyists. While the bill overwhelmingly passed 83-14, there were only five senators who are currently up for re-election that felt strongly enough that lobbyists are already too ethical that they went on record being against reform. Of those five, one was the currently infamous Idaho senator and another was Oklahoma's esteemed senior senator, James Inhofe.

The reason Inhofe felt confident enough to take this stand is that his seat is considered safe in the 2008 election...doesn't this make you proud to be an Oklahoman?

Anyway, now that I have my link to Larry Craig, everyone should check out this video re-creation based on the police report. At minimum, you'll learn more than you need to know about picking up dudes in airport bathrooms, if that's what you're in to.  Let's just say, the video makes it hard to defend him with the cliched: "He pees with a wide stance." 

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