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Oklahoma State at Georgia: The Lost Ogle Preview

Saturday the Oklahoma State Cowboys travel to Georgia to take on the University of Georgia Bulldogs. The kickoff is at 5:45, and we're here with The Lost Ogle's preview of the game. For starters, lets look at...

The Cheerleaders:

Please note, if you are an anti-semitic cheerleader looking to go to college, the University of Georgia is probably not the place for you. See, back in 2004, a Jewish cheerleader filed a complaint against cheerleading coach Marilou Braswell claiming that she discriminated against non-Christian members of the squad. Then, the coach thought it was a good idea to inform the rest of the cheerleaders not only about the complaint, but exactly who it was that had filed it. She was, not surprisingly, summarily fired.

Georgia also has a dance team, the Dance Dawgs, pictured here:

Sadly, there seems to be no instances of debauchery from the Georgia spirit squads that have made their way on to the internet. The picture below is the closest they seem to get to risque photographs.

Nickname Awesomeness: D. The name Bulldogs is not original at all, and the only thing keeping it from an F is that it's not a cat of some sort. There should be a new rule that if there are two teams in the same conference with the same nickname that one should have to change it. So either Georgia or Mississippi State needs to get going on that.

Mascot Awesomeness: C.

This one is a split vote. The mascot in the background of the above picture -- the human dressed as a bulldog in a football uniform -- is thoroughly ridiculous. It looks amazingly silly, and for our money may be one of the worst mascots in the country. Not as bad as OU's horsepigs, of course, but not far behind.

However, the mascot in the foreground, Uga, the actual dog, is badass. We're a sucker for wrinkly dogs that don't have a lot of energy, and Uga fits that bill perfectly. He's so cool we don't even mind the fact that they dress him up in outfits, something that usually annoys the hell out of us. It does seem, however, that shelling out 34.95 for a documentary about a dog is a bit much.

Non-football alumni awesomeness: There's a lot of them, so lets run down some of the highlights (and lowlights):

Kim Basinger -- hot
Alton Brown -- quite corny, but very popular cooking show
Josh Holloway -- Sawyer from Lost
Wayne Knight -- Hello, Newman
Ryan Seacrest -- very short
Andrew Speaker -- had TB
Zell Miller -- insane
Chip Caray -- nepotism alive and well among baseball announcers
Ernie Johnson -- hosts best sports show on television

It's an eclectic and somewhat interesting group. Probably good for a grade of B or so.

Traditions: Georgia's traditions are listed here, but to be completely frank, they're quite boring. You'd think a school with as much historic football success as Georgia would have some wacky traditions. At least we always have Texas A&M to make fun of.

Cool Names:

Brad Arsenault
Ukoha Kalu
Fernando Velasco (names that rhyme = awesome)

Oklahoma connections: There appear to be none that we can find. But frankly, given the shortage of devious cheerleaders, the lame traditions, and the relatively short list of interestingly-named football players, this appears to be for the better. We hadn't realized how boring the University of Georgia football program was before doing this preview.

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