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I went to Saints, ok?

Today, while trying to navigate my way around, I ran across an animated ad that read:

Google. YouTube.  SaintsOK....Your internet essentials.

Spending at least 100K on display advertising to market a stupid website that no one will really visit is a dumb idea.  Making false claims about that website is even dumber. is not up there with YouTube or Google, and it never will be.   In fact, according to its traffic rankings, SaintsOK isn't even up there with Integris.  Check it out: Alexa Rank:  1,028,171 Alexa Rank: 3,773,037

As I said, I think it's pretty dumb for St. Anthony's to spend a bunch of money marketing a website that nobody will remember to go to, but if they are going to keep at it, maybe they should produce something similar to those trite Integris TV commercials.  They seem to have worked.  Maybe they could produce a commercial about a guy getting in a motorcycle wreck and losing his foot.  And then a little girl at the hospital giving him a picture of her pony to cheer him up.    And then him going to YouTube and watching videos of the girl and her pony.  And then he remembering to go to and make an appointment.  And all this happening with sad, yet uplifting music, playing in the background.  

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