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Aaron Tuttle to the Rescue!

Aaron Tuttle

At first, I thought it was kind of cool that KOCO Channel 5 back-up weatherman Aaron Tuttle likes to get drunk and dress up like Superman. I mean, if you can name me any other way possible for a weatherman to show that he's dedicated to saving my life, then do it.

However, I am a bit worried that it is Aaron Tuttle, and not another weatherman (see: England, Gary) in the costume. I think Aaron is more into picking up chicks and being cool than showing his dedication to life saving. Just check out his bio from Channel 5:

When Aaron isn't busy forecasting Central Oklahoma weather and out chasing storms, he enjoys just about all outdoor and indoor sports, fishing, camping, bodybuilding and spending time with his wife.

Eh...bodybuilding? Do we really need our weatherman to be big and buff? At last check, it doesn't take big muscles to show the seven day forecast and point out the temperature in Woodward.

So until I see Ross Dixon at the gym or Mike Morgan wearing a black cape and mask, I'm not so sure I'm going to trust Aaron Tuttle with my severe weather forecasting.  He'll probably say that big thunderstorms were coming, but that he used his super human strength to fend them off, and that they are instead going to hit Tulsa. Then he'll smile at Maggie Carlo, and Maggie will smile back.  And...well... forget about it.

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