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Jenni Carlson will rule the world…

5:56 PM EDT on June 23, 2007

Jenni Carlson

If you're like me, and feel that running across the Broadway Extension drunk and naked at 5:00pm sounds like a more pleasant experience than reading a Jenni Carlson column, then don't go to the Jenny Carlson page at You see, now instead of just giving her a space to print boring human interest articles, they have decided that Jenni needs a video blog.

I think this little nugget proves Clark Matthews' theory that Jenni Carlson is trying to rule the world. In fact, it's kind of getting obvious. How else could the worst sports columnist at a major newspaper get both a video blog and a sports radio show? Aspirations for world domination! How else?

So don't be surprised in few years when Jenni runs for (and wins) the city council, then mayor, and then governor. Don't be surprised when she makes a dark horse run for and wins the presidency. And don't be surprised when she overthrows congress, bombs China and mandates all newspaper articles and blog posts must end with clever one liners that tie everything up.

Don't be surprised. Because I told you so.

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