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JamesOn Curry Has Lost His MindOn

10:35 AM EDT on June 18, 2007

Oklahoma State head basketball coach Sean Sutton has reported to ESPN that JamesOn Curry will remain in the NBA draft. Projected as a possible third round pick, it seems odd that Curry would choose to forgo his senior year at OSU when you consider that the NBA draft has only two rounds. It is possible that he could maintain his eligibility by not signing with an agent should he go undrafted. That way, he could sign as a free agent with an NBA team as soon as the Oklahoma State season ends next year, such was the course taken by Randolph Morris of Kentucky. Of course, Morris is a seven foot center who duped Isiah Thomas of the New York Knicks, and Curry is a 6'3" shooting guard with a felony conviction for marijuana distribution on his resume. (So, the odds of teams rushing to sign him in the wake of going undrafted are somewhat slim.)

Should Curry persist with this course, it will please me to know that I won't have to hear "Curry is (James)On fire" type puns. Unless, of course, there is a good Russian pun on his name, since he will likely be playing in Siberia next year.

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