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Watch Out! The new Braum’s are coming!

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I think that everyone who has lived in Oklahoma for more than three years has some interesting and odd story about a visit to Braum's. Here are mine:

The "Fresh" Burger:This is actually a second hand story, but it's still great. One time, a friend went through a Braum's drive-thru and ordered a cheeseburger combo meal. After confirming the order, the drive-thru operator asked, "Would you like that to be a fresh burger?"

My friend asked, "As opposed to what?"

"Ohh, someone just placed the same order about 10 minutes ago and couldn't pay for it, so we have that burger ready to go. Or we can just make a fresh burger."

"Uhm...I think I'll take the fresh burger."

Refried French Fries!A couple of years ago, my grandpa and I stopped by Braum's for lunch. When I got my order, the French fries were cold. I took them back to the front and asked for some new fries. I then watched the employee take my French fries and dump them in the fryer for about 30 seconds. He then shook them off, resalted them, put them in a new box, and gave them back. That was my first (and last) time to ever knowingly eat refried French fries.

As I wrote above, I think most every Oklahoman has a classic tale about a Braum's experience. And most of these tales have to do with poor, slow or awkward service. That's why I chuckled when I read this blurb from Saturday's Oklahoman:

Work is well under way on the first of the next generation of Braum's stores at 800 E Lindsey in Norman. It will replace the Braum's at 1320 E Lindsey, built 28 years ago, and should be complete by the end of July, spokeswoman Andie Schwab said.

It's "model W," the 29th different design of store since the first Braum's opened in Oklahoma City in 1968. Some models were tweaked, not overhauled, hence more models than letters from A to W.

Listen. I love the food at Braum's more than anyone. Where else can you buy a malt, 1/2 pound cheeseburger and a pan of frozen lasagna at the same time? But expanding a "new generation" of stores should be the lowest low on their list of priorities. Instead, they should focus on other "new generation" things...things like "improving customer service" or "getting your order right at least half the time" or even "firing the guy who stands around and does nothing."

If they don't address these issues, I may actually stop eating at Braum's. Of course that will never happen, but it seems like a good threat to end this post with.

(p.s.- Please share your funny Braum's experiences in the comments. I know you've had one!)

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