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The Taco Truck Chronicles: SW 29th St. (May to Penn)

After three installments of the Taco Truck Chronicles series serving as a sort of palate cleanser, it's time to get down to business with the main course. This month, I will take you—and, hopefully, your stomach—to the taco trucks that brought me to my own Mexican Valhalla: SW 29th Street.

Based on the original Taco District lines along SW 29th from May Ave. to the Capitol Hill area, it's where I grew up as a burrito-loving kid, ditching school for a taco-based lunch and a Jarritos soda pop. Sadly, I have the self-made belt holes to prove it.

Starting at the historic flashpoint of SW 29th and S. May through S. Penn, it's an amazing tour of the diverse food carts in the area, from tempting starters and mouthwatering main courses to sweet treats I can't get anywhere else. Let me be your tour guide for this new installment.


El Primo Loco (Near S. May and SW 29th)

Near the corner of S. May and SW 29th, the massive fire of a well-worn smoker fuels the flames at El Primo Loco, one of the city’s premier charbroiling pits. Though they have a few restaurants in the city, this stellar pit is a true feat of Oklahoman commerce and the perfect place to start my weekend.

Just like at their sit-down restaurants, I ordered the half-chicken combo with fresh tortillas, hearty beans, and spicy macaroni salad for about $15. Wrapped in butcher paper, El Primo Loco’s charcoal-smoked chicken, complete with sweating onions, is all you need for a truly satisfying meal. The chicken is perfectly tender, with a smoky flavor that penetrates every bite, complemented by a hint of citrus and a subtle, spicy kick.

Especial Tacos (2700 SW 29th St.)

Although the taco truck is a bit beat up, looks can be deceiving!

Located next to a vision center, it may not stand out like the first row of letters on an eye chart, but you'll see 20/20 once you get a taste of their menu and their surprising list of specialties.

Looking over the menu, I opted for the semi-erotic Wet Burrito ($9.00), filled with beef, beans, and cheese, then smothered with a red sauce that screams total satisfaction.

Digging deep into this sloshing puddle of unique spiciness, with some extra sour cream squirted in the box, it becomes one real wet meal. A tasty, satisfying, and messy experience, be sure to grab extra napkins!

El Torito Taqueria (Near 2336 SW 29th St.)

With live barbecue on weekend nights, El Torito Taqueria is a prime example of how the southwest part of town is truly alive with the sound of sizzling meat. This afternoon, though the grill wasn’t set, the food truck still had a line of eager customers.

While their tacos are renowned, I decided to try the Tacon-Queso ($4.00). Sure, I wasn’t exactly sure what it was—a beef taco with melted cheese, perhaps?—but whatever it is, it works!

With green salsa poured all over it, it made for a delightful snack. Truthfully, I also want to try their homemade juices. Maybe the very lemony, hopefully spicy Tejuino will be on deck next time?

Burritos Chihuahua (Near 2309 SW 29th St,)

Nestled between May and Penn sits the whimsical Burritos Chihuahua. Featuring a small dog as its mascot, their tasty menu will have you shouting "Yo quiero Burritos Chihuahua!"

While they offer the standard mix of Mexican fare, one dish that caught my heated attention was the Camarones a la Diabla ($14.00). Translated to “the Shrimp of the Devil,” you’ll want to keep a glass of cold ice water on hand because Chihuahua is not playing around!

The small-to-medium shrimp are doused in their own diabolically hot diablo sauce that will tear your soul out. True enough, it’s a tasty meal, but forget the beans and rice—it’s the saltine crackers you’ll need. ¡Ay, chihuahua!

Snow Cones and More (In front of La Michoacana Supermarket, 2701 SW 29th St.)

For a cool and refreshing end to my food truck voyage, Snow Cones and More hits the icy spot, or, if you're like me, a fiery end.

Located in the same spot where I lost my taco truck virginity many moons ago is Snow Cones and More.

They have all the standard Snow Cone treats you can go for, but also the most amazing Elote ($5.00), featuring steaming hot corn shucked off the cob and mixed with mayonnaise, butter, and Parmesan cheese. It creates the perfect snack for the dog days of summer.

The elote's creamy, buttery goodness with a hint of tangy cheese is a delightful way to enjoy a day


From the smoky perfection of El Primo Loco to the fiery kick of Burritos Chihuahua, this strip of 29th was a culinary adventure I’ll never forget. Tune in next month as we dive into another hidden gem of the city, ready to uncover more delicious secrets.

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