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Report: Keeping $250K in cash in your car increases chances of being kidnapped by 4,200%

A few weeks ago, nearly everyone in the metro received an alert on their phone about a woman being kidnapped while parked outside a coffee shop in far NW Oklahoma City.

Here’s the flyer OHP issued along with the alert on social media:

If you’re like me and work from home, unable to assist, you probably quickly dismissed the warning, spent a minute or two trying to disable future emergency alerts, and then got back to whatever you were doing.

If so, don’t feel bad.

Shortly after the alert went out, the woman was released by her captors, probably because they realized the entire metro was alerted to the kidnapping.

After the dust settled, local news media and online rubberneckers demanded details. Was she abducted by sex traffickers targeting Edmond moms in yoga pants? Did she stage the whole thing like that lady in California? Or, did she simply work in Oklahoma's shady marijuana industry and have $250,000 in cash on her?

The Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Department quickly organized a press conference to explain.

According to KFOR:

A Kasey Alert was issued for 43-year-old Isabel Brown after witnesses told authorities she was abducted outside an Edmond-area coffee shop at gunpoint on June 14.

“The victim was dropped off near I-240 in May after a statewide alert had been broadcast,” said Oklahoma County Sheriff Tommie Johnson III at a Monday news conference. “She was injured. She had been hit and choked during that incident. She also said the kidnappers had taken $250,000 she had in cash in her [Tesla].”

We hate that Isabel was physically assaulted, and I’m sure it was a terrifying ordeal, but I have to ask the same question any other normal person would ask – Why in the world was she rolling around town with $250,000 in her car?

Not to blame the victim here, but it's a valid question.

KFOR’s felt the same way.

They went full victim blame and launched an investigation into the matter under the guise of a PSA for curious News 4 viewers.

Surprise, surprise – it appears Isabel worked in Oklahoma's marijuana industry.

News 4 confirmed Brown held two different marijuana licenses for processing and a dispensary, both of which expired in 2022 according to a spokesperson…

Brown’s Instagram accounts listed her as the owner of a licensed cannabis processor called Hello Izzy Cannabis. After News 4 questioned her about this and the expired licenses, Brown stated she had “been out of the cannabis business for a few years.”

As of Friday, the affiliation with Hello Izzy Cannabis has been removed from Brown’s Instagram account.

As I’ve mentioned before, I know many people who worked in Oklahoma's marijuana industry. It’s a cash-heavy business, but I doubt any of them were carrying $250,000 in their car!

Then again, that’s not usually something people volunteer.

“So, what did you do today?”

“Not much. Sold about 200 pounds of flower and a barrel of distillate to out-of-state distributors for around $200K.”

“Wow! That’s a lot of money.”

“Yeah, I need to bury it in the backyard when I get home.”

Like most people in the marijuana industry caught with $250,000, Isabel wasn’t quick to answer KFOR’s questions.

Brown’s finances also became a local talking point, with many News 4 viewers questioning why she had such a large sum in her vehicle since investigators believe the crime was targeted.

A News 4 employee has tried since Monday morning to get Brown to share her side of the story.

When asked via text how the money ended up in her car, Brown replied only with “that was my life’s savings since I was 21.”

Look, I understand people who carry their life savings in their car probably aren’t the wisest when it comes to money, but Isabel should really invest that $250K in an index fund or IRA. Not only would it lower her chances of being kidnapped, but her money would grow instead of being eaten up by inflation!

A News 4 employee once again offered Brown the opportunity to clarify that for viewers, but received no response, and follow-up requests were ignored.

Friday, News 4 staff visited Brown’s residence to ask the same questions.

“I don’t have to answer anything right now,” Brown said. “I’m going through the worst time of my life.”

Yeah, I can imagine being kidnapped, beaten, and then having the criminal underworld – along with the FBI, IRS, OBN, and OSBI – know you work in Oklahoma’s marijuana industry and drive around with $250,000 in your car is a nightmare.

Anyway, I don’t blame Isabel for dodging KFOR’s questions, and I’d like to offer her my sincere condolences. I hope she recovers from this ordeal and takes my advice to invest that money in an IRA.

Or, at the very least, hires private security to accompany her on future coffee runs.

Stay tuned with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you informed.

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