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Norman Councilman caught on mic sharing vulgar disdain for jeering citizens…

Someone may want to tell Norman Ward 8 City Councilman Matt Peacock a thing or two about the recording capabilities of modern microphones!

Earlier this week, the Norman City Council held an at-times contentious debate over the proposed University North Park development – a project that would build and fund through TIFs a $230 million arena for OU.

At one point in the evening, when the council was trying to determine when or even if they should put the question to a likely non-binding vote of the people, Peacock filed a motion to hold the election in July.

His suggestion was greeted with jeers and boos from the loud and vocal anti-arena crowd who always attend and make noise at things like this. Peacock didn’t appreciate it, so he whined a bit, and then, when he thought no one could hear him, said…

Well, I’ll just let you watch it. Your virgin ears will never be the same.

Yikes! What a whiny crybaby! I hope somebody washes his mouth out with soap, and to make it taste even worse, uses Norman drinking water to do it!

I say this as a guy who many people think is a fucking asshole, but something tells me that referring to a bunch of Normanites who are simply expressing their concerns at a public meeting by that very same name isn’t the best re-election strategy!

Sure, that’s not as bad as calling them Texas fans, but it still crosses a line.

I think my favorite part of the video – outside of the omniscient voice of that grandpa who I think was about to offer Peacock a Werther's Original – is the stoic reaction of Councilman Stephen Tyler Holman.


You know he was sitting there thinking, “Did he just call everyone 'fucking assholes,' or am I just way too stoned?

Then again, I also liked the dirty looks Peacock gave when the jeers first rolled in:


“That’s the motion, guys. MMMmuuuuuuhhh.”

Anyway, vulgar quips aside, the Norman City Council set a vote on the arena matter even though the city attorney says the courts will likely rule the result invalid. You can read about all that boring stuff here.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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