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KOSU totally ignores TLO Tower of Excellence…

As I like to remind our readers, TLO is essentially the Rodney Dangerfield of the OKC media. We’re loud, obnoxious, occasionally funny, and, worst of all, we get no respect!

This is especially true when it comes to the local cool kid journalism clique.

Probably because they’re jealous, envious, and annoyed by our obscure local social success, these Generation Soft scribes love to cheer our demise, root for us to fail, and, perhaps most importantly, go out of their way to not give us any sort of credit!

I was reminded of this yesterday when KOSU's Graycen Wheeler– a reporter for our local NPR affiliate – filed a story about the proposed 1,907-foot tall Legends Tower publicity stunt that will never happen in Bricktown.

The report even made NPR's Weekend Edition.

It took a fair and balanced look at the tower's prospects, but even though the equally ambitious 2,500-foot-tall TLO Tower of Excellence is taller, will be capped by a giant milk bottle, and has an equal percent chance of happening as Legends Tower, Graycen totally ignored it!

Seriously, how can you cover Legacy Tower and not also mention our much much cooler proposition?

Sadly, instead of doing that, KOSU shared a local yoga instructor’s opinion on the viability of the structure:

Shane Cooley teaches yoga a few blocks north of the proposed skyscraper. He’s still weighing whether it’s a good idea.

“I've not done a pro and con list, but I'm sure it would somehow be pretty close,” Cooley said. “I think it's a pretty ambitious thing to do.”

I have mad respect for yoga folks. They can twist and contort their bodies into shapes that defy biological physics, but unless the structure is set to mimic the Bird of Paradise pose, why do we need to care about their thoughts on the plausibility of a 1,907-foot tower being pitched by an out-of-state developer who’s simply looking for publicity and capital, especially when a local news website is proposing a similar structure that will trump the other in size!

Seriously, would it hurt KOSU to maybe – just maybe – get their yoga dude’s thoughts on a project being pitched and developed by people who actually live and work here, and is owned by a guy who donated to the station once back in, like, 2014 or something?

I mean, just look at how this thing will alter and change our skyline:

But no, even though the TLO Tower of Excellence is just as likely to be built as Legends Tower, KOSU has to pretend our project doesn’t exist. How petty and rude, huh?

“Patrick? You okay? This is getting weird?”

Yeah, I guess I’m stressed and annoyed by this.

You see, for the last couple of weeks, I’ve been hard at work creating plans for a $4-billion Panda City Amusement Park that I want to build outside Broken Bow.

Check this out:

Yeah, I know pandas aren't native to Oklahoma, but you have to admit it’s way cooler and just as likely to happen as the Americana-themed park the Pizza Hut billionaire wants to build in Pryor.

Unfortunately, half the point of announcing these far-fetched projects that have no chance of coming to fruition is you get some free media attention and maybe some state subsidies, but why should I waste my time if that’s never going to happen?

When KOSU produces a report on the Pryor theme park in the next month or two, they’ll probably just ignore us and interview a local spin instructor instead.

Anyway, you can read or listen the full KOSU report about the Legends Tower here.

For full updates on the TLO Tower of Excellence – or Panda City Amusement Park – stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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