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The Taco Truck Chronicles: The NW 39th & Penn Triangle

In my latest installment of The Taco Truck Chronicles, I stopped by the Taco Truck Triangle at NW 39th and Penn to take in all its prideful happenings.

This part of town probably isn’t the first to come to mind when thinking of taco trucks, but the carts in this area encompass the entire taqueria scene with punchy offerings, great deals, and a wide variety of carnivorous dishes that are well worth your time, money, and, even better, taste.

They prove that what part of town you’re in doesn’t matter—it’s what’s inside the truck that counts.


Quepues Taqueria (NW 36th and Penn)

On the side of a local body shop, you'll find Quepues Taqueria. With their fire-engine red truck advertising conical meat on a spit, I knew I was in for a meaty celebration as the juiciest smell of cooking meat enveloped us. Immediately, I ordered the Carne Asada ($11.00) plate.

When I opened the foam box, I found not only the charred meat but also rice and beans, sliced avocado, and grilled onions. It was tremendous—the carne asada, which would have easily cost around $25 at a fancy sit-down restaurant, was just as tasty here.

With the added tortillas, it made for an impressive lunch.


Antojitos Shadai (Near NW 39th next to Goodwill)

Right near the Goodwill store and a filling station, it’s the ever-dependable Antojitos Shadai’s turn. While the setup may look moderately ramshackle, appearances are deceiving—their menu is the real star. They offer everything from small-time burritos and nachos to high-minded fare like pupusas, and the dish I ordered, the Costilla Adobada ($13.00).

The Costilla Adobada—or Mexican pork ribs, if you prefer—were glazed with a sticky sauce that clung to the meat and meant business. It came with the usual rice and beans, but imagine my astonishment when, next to the adobada, a medium-sized boiled potato was included.

It stuck to my bones, as all good barbecue should!


El Taco Express (On NW 39th in parking lot of Angles)

With a shiny new-looking truck that rolls into the Angle’s parking lot, El Taco Express is undoubtedly the real star on NW 39th Street. Not only are there plenty of picnic tables to eat at, but they also serve my favorite food: a Birria ($12.00) plate. Naturally, I had to order it!

And it didn’t disappoint! With the extra tortillas they provided, the slow-roasted birria paired perfectly with the tender tortillas—a true match made in heaven. While the rice was underwhelming, the beans, topped with cheese, totally delivered.

One of my best finds, I definitely plan on going back again.


Overall, the Taco Truck Triangle at NW 39th and Penn is a hidden gem in OKC's vibrant food scene and worth the trigonometrical visit. From the charred perfection of Quepues Taqueria's carne asada to the sticky, satisfying ribs at Antojitos Shadai, and the heavenly birria at El Taco Express, this area proves that great food can be found where you least expect it. If you're a fan of authentic, mouth-watering Mexican cuisine, it's a must-visit.

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