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Oklahoma to Build $4.3 Million Arch to Honor Wasteful Spending…

In a nod to Napoleon, McDonald’s, and wasteful government spending, Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt signed a bill this week to build a $4.3 million arch on the south side of the Oklahoma capitol. 

It will resemble an arch that was supposed to be installed at the Capitol way back in 1917 but wasn’t completed thanks to an old-school Oklahoma budget crisis. 

Here are details on the new arch via a Barb Hoberock article for Oklahoma Voice in The Oklahoman;

Gov. Kevin Stitt on Wednesday signed a measure to build an arch on the south side of the Oklahoma Capitol complex.

The cost is $4.3 million.

House Bill 4012 said the purpose of the arch is to honor the Oklahoma National Guard, which has a lengthy history of state and federal service.

Even though I really don’t know what they do, I have no problem honoring the Oklahoma National Guard, but do we really need to spend $4.3-million on an arch for them?

Sure, it may not survive a storm, but they could have just bought and installed the old Oklahoma State Fair Arch from a scrap metal yard at a fraction of the cost?

Here’s a rendering of the arch we acquired via the Ogle Mole Network:

It will apparently be adorned with a stone bust of Governor Stitt to honor him for the role he played in approving the arch’s construction:

Okay, I may have added the Stitt bust, but they should really look into adopting it.

Naturally, some people out there think the arch is another example of wasteful government spending, but it really doesn’t bother me that much. The people on the inside may suck, but we can at least make Oklahoma look nice and regal from the outside. Plus, a big arch is better than a bronze oil well. 

My only complaint is the hypocrisy. 

For example, should Stitt really be signing a bill to build a useless arch at the same time he’s pushing for tax cuts?” I know it’s not as fun as cutting government services, but that $4.3-million could have been used to lower every Oklahoman's tax bill by .50 cents a year.

Also, can you imagine how loud Stitt would yell at the TV if, say, Fox News reported Joe Biden wanted to build a $4.3-million arch on the south side of the US Capitol? I bet you could hear it from outside Stitt’s proposed $6-million private residence he wants taxpayers to build. 

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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