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TLO Restaurant Review: Birrieria Calvillo 

I know that I often proclaim “Such and such is my favorite food!” and, usually, at the moment it's in my mouth, it is my favorite food. But, truth be told, there is one dish that is miles above anything, both of this earth and beyond: birria.

In case you don’t know, I am talking about the tried-and-true Mexican dish, a regional variation of barbacoa. Usually made with a mammalian beef like cow or goat, I typically prefer the lamb varieties. Baa-baa.

I bring this up because last week I was going to review a Mexican restaurant that, to be fair, was not very good. At all. If you want to know about it, email me.

As I drove away from the restaurant, I noticed nearby there was another place that was all about the birria, even having silenced lambs on their large signage. Intrigued, I made a U-turn and found myself at the parking lot of Birrieria Calvillo, 5621 S. Western Ave.

As my girlfriend and I walked through the door, we were immediately given the grand tour. With a menu in one hand and a large horchata in the other, I looked over the whole restaurant, amazed it was a true birria house, with many varieties to be taken in and enjoyed.

Putting in our sainted orders, I was in el cielo de las ovejas.

With another swig or two of my real horchata, our dishes quickly appeared, starting with my girlfriend and her Quesabirria ($3.99) and, the one order that’s not birria, a Carnitas taco ($2.99).

Without a doubt, the carnitas taco was splendid, but let’s forget about that; the Quesabirria was truly on a different level. The heavy, hefty taco was immersed in true birria and with so much gooey cheese that it should be illegal. We put our hands up on our hips and dipped it in the consommé dipping sauce for a tasty, wet and wild adventure that must be tasted to be believed.


For me, I didn’t need the bells and whistles with my order. All I needed was a big, steaming plate of birria—sorry, I meant Birria Grande ($13.99)!

Served with crispy tortillas for a near communion-wafer taste, it was a truly marvelous delight. With my wanting mouth taking it all in, every morsel was near wild heaven as the tempestuous taste of the non-binary meat smeared all across my tongue, giving me new buds to taste with.

In other words, as this steaming plate of stupendous birria made graphic love to me, it was total perfection. No beans, no rice, just the birria—it was all I needed.

As I sat there, more than enjoying my sexualized dinner, the same thought that popped into my mind appeared once more –  the birria at Birrieria Calvillo is perfect and my favorite food.

Only this time, I really mean it.

Cómpralo ya!


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