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State Senate selects new person to screw over Oklahomans…

I’ve been closely observing and enduring the Oklahoma political ecosystem for nearly 17 years now, which according to the teachings of the Buddhist religion, means I must have done some pretty hideous things in a past life. 

During this time watching our dysfunctional government in action, I’ve developed a pretty good, cynical sense of how the Oklahoma state budgeting process works. It goes a little something like this…

Throughout the year, lawmakers meet behind closed doors with lobbyists, special interest groups, and wealthy donors to create a budget that primarily helps and serves elites, corporations, and other members of the GOP caste. 

During the legislative sessions, lawmakers then stall, quibble, jockey for power, and engage in political theater that entertains a clout-chasing Capitol press corp before rushing through a series of late-night bills at the last minute that almost always get a rubber-stamp seal of approval.

Once again, that’s how the process usually works and appears to be how it’s playing out this year,

For example, State Senate leader / former Oklahoma Governor Greg Treat is currently quibbling with the House over the idea of tax cuts for the wealthy, political power, and other budgetary minutia. 

While doing that, he's also engaging in some political theater to keep everyone amused and entertained!


There's some chaos at the Capitol when it comes to finalizing the state budget.

In an exclusive interview FOX25, Senator Chuck Hall sat down to talk about the path forward as the new Senate Budget Chair, a position he was given just 24 hours ago.

There's 30 days until the end of session and former Budget Chair Senator Roger Thompson packed up his office. He was removed from his leadership role by Senate President Pro Tem Greg Treat because of "new transparency efforts."

His replacement, Senator Hall, is the former Vice Budget Chair, COVID relief money appropriator and a community banker.

Translation – The old guy the Senate put in charge of negotiating the budget that will screw over Oklahomans has been replaced by a younger guy who will now work to screw over Oklahomans. 

You know, because of “transparency.”  

According to Mr. William H.P. Archibald “Trey” Merriweather Savage Jr. the III & IVth at Yawn Doc, the old guy was put out to pasture because he was jockeying a bit too hard for power.

Via Yawn Doc:

Rumors of Thompson wheeling budget deals without Treat’s approval echoed through the Capitol on Wednesday, but so did concern that a reasonable attempt to land the proverbial plane had been aborted for a power play with vague purpose beyond the slate of appropriations subcommittee meetings called for Thursday morning with “potential action” on their one-sentence agendas.

Somber in his own right, Hall stood across from Thompson’s office — which he is set to inhabit by Monday — and acknowledged he was in an awkward position.

“First of all, I didn’t ask for this job. I worked closely with somebody I consider a very close friend and a mentor,” Hall said. “Sen. Thompson, I think, was a tremendous asset to the Senate and a tremendous asset to the state of Oklahoma. I have nothing but high praise, and I hold him in high regard.”

Thompson declined comment beyond saying he was at peace with the situation, something lobbyists and other legislators had yet to find.

“The Senate doesn’t know how to take a win,” one lobbyist said on the condition of anonymity.

Question – Should the esteemed, award-winning journalists at Yawn Doc – a publication that gets most of its funding from the Paycom Dude and Gaylord royalty – really be reporting rumors and quoting anonymous lobbyists? 

I’m not sure if that equates to a filter or a funnel, but I thought they were part of the hard-hitting legitimate media that dealt in fact and not vague conjecture and the frowned-upon spreading of gossipy rumors. That’s our beat, right?!

For example, which members of the Capitol Sewing Circle are spreading these rumors? What “wheeling budget deals” did Thompson try to swing? Who’s ever heard of a proverb about a plane? Those all seem like important things to answer, not leave dangling! 

Also, who is this unnamed lobbyist so in tune with the "transparent" Oklahoma budget process that they can determine the Senate can't "take a win?"

If you ask me, that tidbit seems like a much more important and interesting story than a quibble over which Senator will screw over regular Oklahomans during budget negotiations.

It makes you wonder, maybe instead of quoting and buddying up with lobbyists, Yawn Doc should be investigating their role and influence at the Capitol, and reporting on why they’re so knowledgeable about our state's transparent budget process.

Anyway, I guess it will be interesting to wait and see what other political sideshows develop at the Capitol over the next month or so before the House and Senate pass a late-night budget deal that screws over Oklahomans.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised. 

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