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Tulsa Councilman’s Domestic Assault Arrest Mirrors Expectations…

The guy pictured above who looks like he abuses women is Tulsa City Councilman Grant Miller. 

In an effort to prove that you should judge a book by its cover, he was arrested by Tulsa Police later last week on domestic violence charges. 

Via The Tulsa World:

Tulsa City Councilor Grant Miller was arrested and booked into the Tulsa County jail Thursday night on a complaint of domestic assault and battery.

Multiple police cars were seen at Miller’s home in midtown Tulsa on Thursday evening. Online jail records state that he was arrested about 9 p.m. and booked about 10 p.m. He was released just before 3 p.m. 

According to an arrest report, a relative of the victim called the police. The responding officer reported visible bruises on the arms and legs of the victim, who said they were from an incident late Tuesday.

Wow! I can’t believe Grant would be accused of something like this!” said absolutely no one ever.

This isn't just because Grant looks like an actor Central Casting sent to the Law and Order set to play the role of a man who physically harms women, but he's also...

1. A member of infamous suspended Tulsa cannabis attorney Ron Durbin’s hooligan posse – a stoned collective of provocateurs, irritants and scabies who scrape the chalkboard of decency, and harass and badger government employees for fun...

2. A graduate of Tulsa Law School who's not allowed to practice law due to his poor character and lack of mental fitness...

City councilor lacks 'fitness to practice law,' Oklahoma Bar Examiners say

City Councilor Grant Miller has been denied entry into the Oklahoma Bar Association based in part on sworn testimony from Mayor G.T. Bynum and three of his colleagues on the City Council.

In a unanimous decision, the Oklahoma Board of Bar Examiners (OBBE) found that Miller “failed to meet his burden to establish his good moral character, due respect for the law, and fitness to practice law,” according to a copy of the document filed last week with the Oklahoma Supreme Court.

The decision, issued Jan. 16, states that Miller can reapply to the bar in 24 months. Through his attorney, Dan Murdock, the first-term city councilor is seeking 15 more days to appeal the OBBE ruling

First of all, you have to love that Miller hired Dan Murdock as his attorney. No irony there.

Second, can you imagine having such poor moral character that other attorneys won’t accept you into their guild? That would be like the Proud Boys rejecting a membership application from Ryan Walters because he's too intolerant! It’s borderline inconceivable. 

Anyway, our sympathies go out to the alleged victim in this case. We hope she's about to safely get out of this relationship with Grant before she's hurt again.

I would link to more details about his domestic assault arrest, but it doesn’t appear the Tulsa Police have released that info yet. Here's hoping Oklahoma open records advocate Ron Durbing can get them for us.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised. 

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