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Exclusive: Kelly Ogle reaches arbitration deal with News 9…

Kelly Ogle has finally achieved some revenge on News 9, and it didn’t involve sacking the station’s cursed downtown studio!

Thanks to a tip via The Ogle Mole Network, we’ve learned that Kelly Ogle – the Former Lord Commanding Anchor of KWTV News 9 who was unceremoniously vanquished from his throne in January 2022 – has reached arbitration terms with Griffin Media stemming from a recent legal dispute.

Kelly was repped by Mark Hammons – the Oklahoma employment attorney whom all the victims of Ryan Walters, Shelley Zumwalt, and now apparently the Griffin family go to for legal assistance.

I don’t know the concrete details of Ogle’s complaint, what the arbitrator ruled, or, even why any of us who are reading or writing this article care, but I’ve been hearing rumors for a while now that Kelly had filed some sort of wrongful termination-related claim against the station, and the arbitration filing would seem to support that.

Check out this fancy “Motion to Confirm an Arbitration Award” hanging out on OSCN...

Yep, that’s it.

The motion doesn’t contain any juicy details about Kelly’s complaint, like how much free syrup and mustard he received from the Griffin family as tribute, or if he's able to hold Storme Jones as his Ward. Nope, it’s all just drab administrative legalese that’s about as boring as a Sassy Mamma cooking segment. Womp womp.

If anyone knows how or where we can find Kelly’s original complaint, or if you're one of Kelly’s lawyers and simply want to leak it to us, I guess hit us up. I did file an open records request with the Master Registrar of the Ogle Family Hall of Records at Lake Arcadia, but I still haven’t heard anything back.

Anyway, I guess we should congratulate Kelly for going full Kingpin on News 9 and – despite the obvious decline in his anchoring skills – getting a cent or two in return for the shitty way they handled his sacking.

It will be interesting to see if this concludes the saga, or if it's all just a ruse to lull News 9 to sleep before Kelly, Kent and Kevin take full vengeance and unite their infinity stones.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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