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Ryan Walters brings aboard “Hot Wife Chloe” guy as interim legal counsel…

Ryan Walters is addressing the staffing crisis at the Oklahoma Department of Education in the most intentionally inept way possible.

In response to recent news reports that the OSDE doesn’t have any lawyers on staff, Ryan and Co. announced yesterday they have brought aboard Oklahoma GOP legal mastermind Jason Reese as the agency's interim counsel.

According to our sources, Jason beat out other sterling candidates such as Courtney Jordan, Blaine Dyer, and Stitt darling Matt Stacy.

In case you are uninformed and unaware, Jason is well known in Oklahoma political circles and, thanks to us, achieved Internet infamy in 2017 when he listed the online porn title “Hot Wife Chloe Needs to Be Punished” on a campaign expense report.

Our story went viral across the globe and led to an embarrassed and flustered Jason quickly zipping up his pants and telling the AP it was his accountant's fault:

A Republican candidate for an Oklahoma state House seat says a campaign staffer's mistake led to the title of a bondage porn video being included on his campaign finance report.

Jason Reese of Oklahoma City said Thursday an accountant he hired as his campaign treasurer inadvertently pasted the video's title into a report and filed it July 31 with the Oklahoma Ethics Commission..

Reese said the accountant acknowledged making the mistake and resigned from his campaign Thursday. The accountant didn't immediately respond to an email seeking comment.

Isn't that awesome?

Out of all the attorneys in this state with online porn addictions, Ryan Walters – the man who constantly harps about the non-existent problem of porn being found in Oklahoma Public School libraries – hired the one guy in this state who actually put a porn title on a campaign expense to oversee his agency's legal matters.

Considering Ryan’s goal is to destroy publication from the inside due to intentionally neglectful management, that’s a great hire!

In all fairness to Jason, he does have a lot of experience working for administrators who want to destroy the Government they’re supposed to manage.

For a brief minute, he served as the general counsel for Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt.

Well, at least Jason served in that role until we reported he was having an affair with a capitol lobbyist:

Jason resigned a day or two after our story dropped, and from what I heard, eventually got back with his wife.

Anyway, it will be interesting to see what tasks and assignments Jason takes on for the OSDE.

Knowing that Ryan wants to put a big emphasis on classroom discipline, I bet Jason's first order of business will be to author new guidelines on how to punish cheerleaders, school girls and/or MILFY teachers who are overseeing detention.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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