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Oklahoma Asst. Solicitor General leads police on chase through Broken Arrow…

Give Stitt and Co. credit! They always seem to find the good ones.

Earlier today, the Ogle Mole Network let us know that Courtney Rae Jordan – an Asst. Solicitor General and Tribal Liason for the State of Oklahoma – allegedly was involved in a burglary, two hit-and-runs, and a mini-police chase in Broken Arrow on Tuesday afternoon.

Jordan – who also spent three years in the US Attorney's Office and teaches law at the University of Tulsa – apparently faces charges of assault with a dangerous weapon, two counts of leaving the scene of an injury collision, felony eluding, leaving the scene of a property damage collision, and larceny from a dwelling.

Here are the wacky details of what went down...

Around 1 p.m. Tuesday, the Broken Arrow Police Department responded to a hit-and-run crash.

Witnesses noted the license plate and it checked back to a vehicle that was seen at two attempted burglaries about 30 minutes prior to the hit and run.

Officers located the vehicle and stopped it.

At the initiation of the stop, the suspect, later identified as Courtney Rae Jordan, hit a pedestrian and drove away.

Wow. Two burglaries and two hit-and-runs on a Tuesday afternoon? How's that for a 2-For Tuesday!?

Here's more via KTUL:

She ignored officer's commands and hit a patrol car, which caused that vehicle to hit another, and she drove off once again.

Jordan continued again with traveling through commercial parking lots, then proceeded to speed up when traveling on Aspen.

She turned onto Washington and collided with several vehicles at Washington and Elm.

Jordan attempted to leave once again but crashed into a private fence on Elm where she was arrested...

Jordan is a tribal member of the Cherokee Nation.

Although the Tulsa media covered the story pretty extensively yesterday, they apparently failed to make the connection that Jordan works as an Asst. Solicitor General and oversees (oxymoron alert) the agency's "tribal relations."

I guess you can't blame them.

For one, I doubt most TV news folks even know what a solicitor general is. Two, Courtney's mugshot looks nothing like her LinkedIn photo or the headshot she used for her newspaper editorials...

The mugshots looked so dissimilar that we first wondered if maybe we were dealing with two different Courtney Rae Jordans.

As a result, we did some LexisNexis-style research and discovered there's only one Courtney Rae Jordan who lives in Oklahoma. Courtney Rae Jordan who was arrested yesterday is 36, which lines up perfectly with Courtney's college info from LinkedIn. Additionally, KTUL mentioned that the Courtney Rae Jordan who was arrested in Broken Arrow was a member of the Cherokee Nation, and Courtney Rae Jordan the lawyer is also a proud member of the Cherokee Nation.

Basically, although the mugshot makes her look different (thanks, drugs and/or plastic surgery and/or Photoshop!), we're 99.8346% sure we have Courtney Rae Jordan correctly identified. If for some reason we don't, and there are two Courtney Rae Jordans from the Cherokee Nation who are the same age and kind of look alike floating around out there, we'll apologize and take lawyer Courtney out to dinner to smooth things over.

Update: We're now 100% sure it's the same Courtney! The Attorney's General Office sent issued this statement last night:

Anyway, I guess we'll continue to follow this story and provide any updates. If you know of any State Attorneys who allegedly moonlight as burglars and really suck at fleeing the scene of accidents, shoot us an email.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We'll keep you advised.

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