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Edmond Community Enjoying New Phallic Fun Park…

Watch out, OKC Cock Ring! You’re not the only phallic landmark around town!  

Thanks to a tip via the Ogle Mole Network, we’ve learned the new playground equipment installed at historic Stephenson Park is erecting immature smiles and giggles across the faces of Edmond residents. 

Located only a mile or two from the fabled Morning Woods neighborhood, the centerpiece of the remodeled 130-year-old park is a futuristic slide that residents have given various nicknames, ranging from the Magic Thruster to the Penile Shoot to the Strap-On-Slide-Down:

That photo was taken by renowned local playground photographer Ryan Trojan. I'd like to thank his wife for submitting it.

The Oklahoman's Doug Hoke took a pic from a different angle.

It shows the rear portal of the contraption, which is situated behind a statue of a shirtless, muscular man pounding out a spanking paddle atop a giant ball or testicle:

As far as playground equipment goes, the Magic Thruster looks like a fun big toy to climb, and is far superior to the splintery wooden ones that dominated parks and school playgrounds when I was a child.

I'm sure all the little Edmond kids enjoy scoping out the platform’s long shaft and climbing up to the vas deferens-inspired slides that then quickly ejaculate them toward the ground.

That being said, did nobody in the first design meeting raise their hand and say…

“That’s cool and everything, but doesn’t it look like a giant penis?”

Then again, maybe that was part of the plan. 

According to Edmond city officials, the new equipment pays tribute to the park’s historic mid-century modern work of playground phallicy – the Red Rocket Slide:

If they haven’t done so yet, Edmond officials should consider hosting various community events that tie into the park’s theme and charm. You know, things like a Swinger’s Farmers Market, STD Community Health Fair, or even a BDSM-themed 5K presented by our friends at Patricia’s.

Anyway, I guess if you want some phallic family fun, swing out to Stephenson Park in Edmond.  If you find any other phallic objects – or notice a pattern in the jungle gym that resembles a part of the female anatomy – send us an email. 

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.  

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