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The Fast and the Spurious: $250 Speeding Ticket Fuels Stitt Family Beef

Kevin and Keith Stitt continue to stretch the limits of a petty sibling rivalry.

In a noble effort to both get out of a ticket and annoy his little brother, Keith Stitt – the fast-driving, hard-living, law-practicing older brother of Kevin – has been putting up a very successful McGirt-backed legal fight over a $250 speeding ticket he received in Tulsa three years ago. 

If you remember correctly, the Stitt family lied, cheated, and stole their way onto the Cherokee tribal rolls over 100 years ago, so Keith claimed a speeding ticket he received while in Tulsa on tribal land was invalid thanks to McGirt – the landmark 2020 Supreme Court decision that extended tribal sovereignty – a ruling his brother Kevin has been unsuccessfully fighting against ever since.


A filing by U.S. attorneys agreed with arguments made by Governor Kevin Stitt’s brother, Keith Stitt, in his ongoing case challenging the State of Oklahoma’s jurisdiction to prosecute him for a traffic ticket he received on tribal land.   

U.S. Attorneys filed a brief on Tuesday arguing the State of Oklahoma does not have jurisdiction to prosecute Keith Stitt for a traffic ticket he received from Tulsa Police in 2022, because he is a tribal citizen…

When Keith Stitt first started fighting his speeding ticket a couple of years ago, my theory was that he was nothing more than a double-agent plant for Kevin, and was going to try to invalidate the McGirt by putting up a terrible legal fight. 

Knowing how poorly Kevin has fared so far in his fight against tribal sovereignty, Keith’s success in the case would seem to support that idea. But then I saw Keith hired Tulsa-based attorney Brett Chapman as his lawyer

Yikes. Keith hiring Brett would be like one of my brothers hiring Aaron Tuttle as their personal weatherman  – a vicious shot across the brotherly bow. I guess my theory about Keith being a plant is about as valid as a municipal speeding ticket being issued to a tribal citizen on Indian land.

Seriously, you really have to wonder what Kevin did to Keith to deserve such mean sibling treatment. Did Kevin not refer enough people to his brother's title company back during his subprime mortgage days? Did he not score Keith any grifty government legal contracts? What gives?

Well, maybe Keith is just a mean antagonistic asshole who wants to annoy his brother? That could be the reason.

Not only is Keith an attorney – strike one – but according to my Tulsa Moles, he also has a reputation of being a mean drunk, to the point that he was allegedly banned from going to the swanky Tulsa Summit Club. Strike two.

In fact, I’ve heard video footage of this type of behavior may exist. If so, I’d love to see it. Hint hint.

It could be that Keith is just jealous of Kevin’s success, and this legal fight is his way of getting even.

As the oldest, best-looking, and most successful of three brothers, I’ve seen firsthand just how jealous and envious younger siblings can get of their older brother’s accomplishments, especially when he wins an NCAA bracket pool, and how it can fuel negative behavior, like the, calling him mean names like "Chubby Funster" at Thanksgiving.

But at least they’re younger brothers, so they’re used to living in a mighty older sibling’s shadow. 

Keith is older than Kevin, so I can only imagine the pain and misery he feels when seeing all of his numbskull brother's political and professional success. I’ve never experienced that jealousy, but I imagine it burns deep. 

Anyway, just like Keith, I get a kick out of watching Kevin fail, so I wish him the best of luck in his continued legal fight against his brother. 

Also, I wonder what Kent Stitt – The lost Stitt – thinks about this.

The last time we checked he was being ticketed for not wearing orange while hunting. Maybe that's the real McGirt case Kevin is trying to lose, and Kent is helping him. Then again, maybe Kent and Keith have formed an alliance to annoy Kevin, which means Kevin will have to join forces with Kelly, Kevin and Kent Ogle.

Who knows. I'm just spitballing here.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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