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Badass Oklahoma Bridge Shows Derelict Barge Who’s Boss…

Last week, after the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapsed in Baltimore, the Oklahoma media quickly assembled into “Remember When” mode and reminded everyone about the I-40 bridge collapse that occurred near Webbers Falls on Memorial Day weekend in 2002, killing 14 incredibly unlucky souls who died in one of the most bizarre and random ways imaginable. 

I was floating on the Illinois River with some friends in Tahlequah, only about 30 or so miles away from the bridge when the collapse happened. We were pretty far off the grid and heard rumors of the collapse from some fellow floaters, but had no idea of the magnitude until we saw the cover of the Muskogee Phoenix the following day at a restaurant called Steak and Eggs.

I remember saying out loud the same thing the victims likely thought as the bridge gave way – “What the F***********ck!?”

While the media and people from all across Oklahoma were remembering that tragic event, some barge was trying to recreate history – and hold Baltimore’s beer – after crashing into the US-59 bridge on the Kerr Reservoir near Muskogee. 

Check this out:

Say what you want about Oklahoma’s roads and bridges and our crumbling, underfunded infrastructure – that MF’er held up like a fucking rock! 

Seriously, give that thing a medal. 

Also, can someone who’s good at audio and video editing take that video, put the Bob Segar song / Chevy commercial song in the background, but still keep the color commentary from the guy who said in a patented Oklahoma drawl – “Oh Shit!”

Fortunately for the state and the cars on top of the bridge, the barge fared far worse:

Not only did the bridge take a heavy punch from the barge, but according to the Oklahoma Department of Transportation, it suffered no hidden structural damage and is already back open for business!

Listen, I’m sure our state employs only the finest structural engineers who hopefully went to better colleges than I did, but based on what I know about the Oklahoma government, I’d probably stay off it for a little while, or at least make sure my car’s packing a life jacket or parachute before crossing it. 

Anyway, I guess I’ll wrap this post up and hopefully find something more interesting and fun to cover for tomorrow. 

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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