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Lady takes stolen truck on joy ride through Tahlequah football field…

I would never condone the activities of our state’s criminals, low-lifes and objectively stupid people, but you have to admit, sometimes they do stuff that looks like a lot of fun. 

For example, check out this video of a lady named Maggie Caudle. She stole a truck from a Tahlequah car dealership and then promptly took it on a joyride through an artificial turf middle school football field. 

It’s made the local news and rounds on social media:

Once again, I know stealing and destroying property is bad and everything, but outside of crashing the truck, that looks really really fun! It’s a bucket list item for sure! No wonder Maggie looked so happy in her mugshot! 

Seriously, I think everyone who hasn’t been a homecoming king or queen has wondered what it’s like to drive a car onto a football field and let loose, so I’d like to thank Maggie for letting us live vicariously through her.

I hope she enjoys her stay in jail, gets the treatment she needs, and even befriends Brenton Hager. I’m sure they both have some fun stories to tell. 

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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