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Stinky Situation: Deer Creek Toe-Licking Fundraiser Achieves Viral Outrage

Oklahoma’s public schools can’t stop shooting themselves in the… feet.

In case you missed it, Deer Creek High School provided more ammo to right-wing culture war fighters over the weekend after a disgusting and disturbing video that showed students getting on all fours and licking peanut butter off the feet of fellow students at a school charity event went viral across the internet.

If you’re not about to have breakfast, lunch or dinner, you can check out below:

Yep, that’s right.

In today’s out-of-context video age – and a time when indecent and predatory behavior runs rampant in schools and literally every scholastic decision and activity is put under an exploitive microscope by people looking for new ammo to use in a war against public education – Deer Creek’s students, parents, teachers, and administrators organized a toe licking event for charity, and not one person spoke up and said “Hey, uhm, is this a good idea?”

If that’s not proof that Oklahoma public schools are failing, I don’t know what is.

Here’s another angle:

I can see how something like this could have taken place in a different era and age, long before...

A) Wokeness, anti-wokeness, and Moms For Liberty dumbness seeped through every level of public education, and

B) Toenail fungus commercials aired frequently on network TV

But this is a different age! It's 2024.

Public schools are in the midst of a highly visible and vitriolic culture war where even the slightest mistake or oversight is seized upon by zealots and activists, and creatures like Lamisil’s “Digger” are recognizable brand mascots!

On the topic of toenail fungus, the video naturally got the attention of Oklahoma State Public School Superintendent Ryan Walters and the Libs of TikTok ogre lady.

Here’s what he tweeted about it.

I love criticizing Ryan Walters, but I’m with him on this one.

Even without knowing what peanut butter brand the students used, that is disgusting. Toe licking needs to be rooted out of our public school system like a deep callus on your grandma’s feet! Make it stop!

That being said, where’s Ryan’s outrage whenever a coach or teacher or teacher’s aid abuses or violates a student?

Where are his proactive calls for an investigation when a student dies the day after being assaulted in a bathroom?

In those situations, he’s almost always silent.

Ryan’s outrage over the video does lead to one quick question I have for Oklahoma public school administrators – can you all please not be absolute idiots and give this asshat any more ammunition for his culture battles?!!

Seriously, what will oblivious-to-optics Oklahoma educators come up with next? Competitions to find out who can suck the most whipped cream off a finger? Races where students compete to see who can tie a cherry stem into a knot the quickest? Contests to determine who can perform the most 'naked up and downs' in the football locker room?

We all know how slippery those fabled slippery slopes can be!

Shockingly enough, it doesn’t appear one Deer Creek administrator has resigned over the issue. Instead, they’re focusing on how much the toe sucking shenanigans raised for charity.

This afternoon, Deer Creek High School announced a grand total of $152,830.38 raised for Not Your Average Joe Coffee, an organization created to 'inspire our community by including students and adults with intellectual, developmental and physical disabilities,' according to their website. This total was raised through a week of events and activities at both Deer Creek High School and Deer Creek Middle School, all designed to bring our community together for an extremely impactful organization.

On Thursday, February 29, 2024, Deer Creek High School hosted an assembly called the Clash of Classes for students who paid to attend. During this assembly, ninth through twelfth grade students volunteered to participate in various student-organized class competitions, in the spirit of raising money for NYAJ. All participants in the assembly were students who signed up for the game(s) they played ahead of time. No Deer Creek faculty or staff participated in any of the games during this Clash of Classes assembly. Many dedicated students gave generously of their personal time to achieve this momentous accomplishment, which will serve communities beyond the boundaries of Deer Creek. We would like to thank all of the patrons, businesses and sponsors who contributed to the success of this year’s Wonderful Week of Fundraising.

I don’t care if the fundraiser helped scientists determine a cure for chronic foot odor, you can’t let kids suck on other kid's toes at school!

There are plenty of other ways to raise money and have fun!

For example, when I went to Putnam City West in the 1990s, we raised thousands of dollars for cancer research during our Cancer Fund Drive and not one toe was licked or suckled. In fact, the most risqué thing we did was a co-ed “Pass the Orange” game – an activity that allowed horny, hormonal teens to inadvertently rub their bodies against each other.

From the horny students down to the voyeurist teachers, everybody loved it!

Just like with most culture war battles, there are some innocent victims here.

For example, Not Your Average Joe – the non-profit coffee shop that benefited from a charity event – is now the target of the troll army harassment.

Via The Oklahoman:

A nonprofit coffee shop that employs students and adults with intellectual, developmental and physical disabilities has received phone threats, angry emails and poor reviews online following a controversial video that went viral last week.

Tim Herbel, executive director of Not Your Average Joe, told The Oklahoman his six coffee shops in the Oklahoma City metro have been blindsided following a fundraiser by Deer Creek High School students that included licking feet during its Wonderful Week of Fundraising event.

Herbel said he wasn’t at the event and that the students themselves decide each year to pick a nonprofit as a recipient of the fundraiser.

“They call our stores and our friends with special needs usually answer the phones and they are being cussed out and called pedophiles,” Herbel said. “One star reviews from all over the country. We’re not this well-funded machine that has all these dollars. We’re getting beat up. The kids are getting beat up.”

Trolls, adults with disabilities making coffee, and toe licking. There’s probably a good light-hearted joke in there that Shane Gillis could pull off, but I’m not touching that one with a 10-foot tongue.

With Libs of TikTok tweeting about the story, we probably shouldn’t be surprised that the coffee shop is being harassed.

As with any viral controversy, much misinformation is floating around.

Wendy Suarez – the KOKH news vixen who tore open the story like it was an annoying hangnail – implored people to not spread false information.

Yep, get your story right people. Those were the toes of students. Not adults and teachers. What in the world would give people that idea?

Whether it was teachers and adults, or students raising money for a good cause, I think we can all agree that toe-licking, toe-sucking and even toe-nail clipping, should be banned in all Oklahoma Public Schools.

It's something that should be left for private moments in the home, office or Harbor Mountain Coffee House.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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