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Filthy Derplahoman Lawmaker shares filthy views on LGBTQ community…

It’s safe to say Derplahoman views on the LGBTQ community haven’t evolved much over the years!

Last week, right-wing Oklahoma State Senator Tom Woods was asked in a public forum for his thoughts on the annual round of anti-LGBTQ legislation making its way through the Oklahoma state capitol. 

He was also specifically asked about the death of Nex Benedict – the non-binary high school student who died a day after getting in a fight inside an Owasso High School bathroom. 

Nex’s death has become a huge national story, and they have become a martyr of sorts amongst the LGBTQ+ community, liberals, and other people who think teens of all types should have the freedom to be who they are without fear of being tormented, assaulted and bullied.

I guess in an effort to help people forget about his only other claim to fame – punching a woman in the eye while getting his ass kicked at a local melon festival – Tom figured he might as well answer the question honestly, and disparage the entire LGTBQ community in the process.

Check this out:

A state senator said during a public forum in Tahlequah that LGBTQ+ people are “filth,” and that he and his constituents don’t want them in “our state.”

Yep, that’s right. 

The hypocrite who works at the Oklahoma State Capitol and lives in far Eastern Oklahoma – two filthy places that are primarily inhabited by trashy bigots, dirty rednecks, and methy cannibalistic castrators –  thinks it’s the LGBTQ+ community that’s the equivalent of a Braum’s dining room. 

Good to know, huh?

Here are more details from the Tahlequah News Press:

Audience member Cathy Cott asked two questions, the first on why State Superintendent of Public Instruction Ryan Walters was “bullying” school districts and referring to teachers as “terrorists.”

“My second question is, why does the Legislature have such an obsession with the LGBTQ citizens of Oklahoma and what people do in their personal lives and how they raise their children?” Cott said…

Cott pointed out that a 16-year-old had died earlier this month following a physical altercation at an Owasso High School. Cause of death has not yet been definitively established, though police said a preliminary report indicated a beating at the hands of other students didn’t kill Nex Benedict.

“We are a Republican state – supermajority – in the House and Senate. I represent a constituency that doesn’t want that filth in Oklahoma,” Woods said.

Several audience members clapped at his statement, while others appeared shocked.

First of all, can we please get a TLO attaboy to Cathy Cott?

It takes some courage to call out these Derplahoman asswipes (and the people who support them) in a public setting. Can someone save a spot for her in line at the next State Board of Education meeting? It’s about time we have another person chew out Ryan Walters to his face!

Also, while we’re giving attaboys, can we give some retroactive props to Oklahoma diesel mechanic Dustin Stanley? 

He’s the guy who beat up Tom Woods’ at the Westville Melon and BBQ festival a couple of years ago. 

I know condoning and encouraging violence is bad, and – based on what I know about rural diesel mechanics stereotypes –  I’m sure he and Tom share a lot of the same political views, but Dustin at least deserves a high-five for doing what thousands of Oklahomans dream about doing.

Hypocrisy and bigotry aside, I will give Tom credit for one thing – at least he’s honest. 

Even in today’s Trumpian age, so many politicians out there would have dodged the question or issued some word salad that meant nothing, but Tom had the courage to tell his own filthy, honest, truth, and remind people of the real Oklahoma Standard that's permeated every creak and crevice of red dirt across the state.

Sure, it may make you want to punch him, but at least he’s showing you who he really is.

Anyway, while the world waits for the authorities to release more information and/or cover up the details of Nex’s death, I assume more politicians across the state are going to have an opportunity to espouse their thoughts on the LGBTQ community. 

It will be interesting to hear what they say, and how much embarrassment and negative national media attention they cause the rest of us.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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