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Ryan Walters puts his deranged mark on Oklahoma “Teacher of the Year” selection process…

About a year or so ago, we were first on the scene and the story to tell you about Ryan Walters's glorious efforts to sabotage the Oklahoma Teacher of the Year Award Ceremonies – the annual event that honors the best and brightest teachers (a.k.a. terrorists) across various public school districts before revealing and crowning the Oklahoma Teacher of Year.

If you remember correctly, a scraggly Ryan showed up late to the proceedings and promptly went off script, sending the time of the event off the rails before handing 2023 Teacher of the Year Traci Manuel her tiara and bouquet of roses. The next day, he then promptly fired the OSDE event manager as retribution for his self-inflicted screw-ups.

To help determine this year’s Oklahoma Teacher of the Year, Ryan has apparently organized a special selection committee to vet and review candidates.

I have no clue who’s on the committee, but based on some of the questions they’re allegedly asking teachers, I’m going to assume the co-chairs are The Real Ron Ron, The Libs of TikTok Lady, and Leonard “Ol Ranger” Scott.

If you’re wondering why, just check out the following Facebook post shared by Oklahomans for Public Education.

It appears the number one trait Ryan and his committee are looking for in a "Teacher of the Year" is crazy right-wing views on gender and race, and unconditional loyalty and fealty to Ryan Walters.


With questions like that, it’s no wonder the Riverwind Casino sports book currently lists Coach Philip Koons from Kingston as the betting favorite to win the 2024 Oklahoma Teacher of the Year Award!

How much do you want to bet he gives some band teacher from Ooligah a wedgie before going up on stage to accept the award?

Although many expect Coach Koons to run away with the honor like a bullied teenager fleeing a regimen of naked up-and-downs, I’d keep my eye on Rachel Morris from McAlester High School.

Rachel and Ryan taught next door to each other for years, and when he left to run the scammy non-profit that Janet Barresi and Jennifer Monies set up for him while he waited to run for State School Superintendent, she was an enthusiastic and loyal supporter.

In addition to all that, Ms. Morris came after Ryan in the 2015 McAlester Teacher of the Year competition, only to then turn around and win the award herself in 2016!

In fact, she even told the McAlester News Press that Ryan let her know the night before that she was the likely winner.

“Ryan told me last night I should prepare something to say, just in case,” Morris said after accepting the award. “I’m glad I took his advice.”

That’s cool! If you’re a finalist for this year’s Oklahoma Teacher of the Year award and Ryan Walters asks you for a clandestine late-night phone call or, even better, to meet him at the Harbor Mountain Coffee House, you better A) Take him up on the offer and B) Prepare something to say!

You know, just in case.

Anyway, I guess if you're a teacher who's been asked a series of warped questions by Ryan Walter's Teacher of Year Loyalty and Investigation Committee, join the Ogle Mole Network and please send them our way.

We’d love to share them with the rest of the world.

Until then, stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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