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Ryan Walters’ BFF, aka The Real Ron Ron, arrested on stalking and burglary charges…

It looks like the Real Ron Ron is in some real trouble trouble!

Earlier today, we were bombarded with reports via the Ogle Mole Network informing us that Ronald "The Real Ron Ron" Causby – an ultra-right-wing Oklahoma GOP social media “influencer," podcaster, and bonafide Ryan Walters super fan – was arrested late Sunday night in Tulsa on stalking and burglary charges. 

According to the inmate lookup on Tulsa County Jail, Ron Ron is being held on a $10,000 bond and his address is listed as “homeless.”

His mug shot is below:

Update: We've acquired the Tulsa County Sheriff's Department's report on the arrest. You can check it out below:

Over the past year or two, Ron Ron has become famous/infamous on the Oklahoma social media scene for his enthusiastic support of Ryan Walters, as well as his highly opinionated Facebook videos that were apparently recorded from his hot tub.

Using his trailer park good ole’ boy intellect, he would spout off the typical batch of attention-getting right-wing B.S. on culture war issues, and in the process, generate the typical mix of right-wing love and left-wing outrage.  

Like most social media provocateurs nowadays, Ron seemed more addicted to the Internet eight-ball high of reach, likes, and notoriety more than anything else. That probably explains why he was so giddy after we gave him a little mention last year after he and some other trolls got Diary of a Blue Dot temporarily banned from Tik Tok...

I hope someone in the Tulsa County Jail shares this article with Ron Ron! If he thought he hit the big time with one little mention in one little article, imagine how excited he’ll be after he reads this! 

As I mentioned, Ron Ron was a Ryan Langston-Walters super fan. In fact, you can probably say he was Ryan’s biggest supporter! Ron Ron campaigned and trolled super hard for Ryan on social media during the Republican primary and General Election. He even threw a campaign fundraiser for Ryan promising a glimpse of his hot tub.

Just like with Jonathan Hernandez – Ryan’s former campaign manager who was charged with various sex crimes in 2022 – there are naturally a ton of photos of Ryan and Ron Ron BFFing it up on social media. Stitt even made a couple, too.

Check these out:

Sadly, it appears that Ryan and Ron Ron’s bromance isn't what it once was.

After Ron Ron achieved a taste of social media fame and notoriety, he tried to leapfrog from the digital realm into real-life GOP party politics by running for Tulsa County GOP Party Chair.

I guess he assumed he’d have Ryan's support, but Ryan didn’t endorse anyone. Basically, Rye Rye tossed Ron Ron in the trash can like an empty coffee cup from Harbor Mountain Coffee House! That had to pop some bubbles in Ron Ron’s hot tub!

I don’t know why Ryan didn’t endorse a loyal social media wingman who enthusiastically supported his campaign, but the fact that he didn’t should be concerning. Maybe Ryan wanted to stay out of party politics, perhaps he knew something about Ron Ron that we don’t, or it could be that he felt endorsing a guy who wasn’t allowed to be a school bus driver was a bad PR move.

Anyway, we’re waiting to get our hands on the police reports to find out exactly what happened with the incident.

In the meantime, I guess you can scroll through Ron Ron’s Facebook and check out all the hypocritical moralist projecting that a guy who’s accused of stalking and stealing spouts off about drag queens, transgender youth, and all the other culture war issues of the day. 

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised. 

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