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OKC Animal Welfare Kills Wrong Dog!!!

If you’re in the mood to get really mad and outraged, have I got an incredibly awful story for you. 

According to News 9, an incompetent moron (or morons) at the Oklahoma City Animal Shelter took a case of mistaken identity to extremely tragic levels last week when they accidentally euthanized Spotty – a dog that was waiting to be picked up by its owners. 

I guess Spotty looked like another dog that was supposed to be euthanized – we’re going to name him Lucky – and, well, I’ll let News 9 fill you in:

What would you do if you got a new roof for free?

What could have been a disaster turned into a learning experience for an Oklahoma company after they reroofed the wrong house. It was a $30,000 mistake and a family has a brand new roof.

It's safe to say getting a new roof installed isn't cheap. One couple was surprised when they came home to a brand new roof, unexpectedly.

"They were crawling all over, roof is off, and then there was only one problem with that: we didn't order a roof," said Deborah Senner, who got a new roof by accident.

Okay, that’s actually a KOCO report about a stupid construction company that put a new roof on the wrong house. 

As a dog owner who would go postal if Animal Welfare accidentally killed one of my dogs, I figured I’d share a more positive screw-up story to help lighten the mood. 

With that out of the way, WTF!?! 

How do you euthanize the wrong fucking dog?!

That’s way way way worse than the Oklahoma Department of Corrections accidentally executing the wrong death row inmate, which knowing how cavalier this state is with the death penalty, I’m honestly surprised hasn’t happened yet.

Although this story is sad, tragic and awful, and should result in everyone in leadership at OKC Animal Welfare having their jobs euthanized, it does have a semi-positive ending.  

Lucky – the stray who was the beneficiary of the mix-up of all mix-ups – was adopted by Spotty’s human mom, Melissa Evans:

Evans said despite the terrible situation, she still believes in and encourages adoption and fostering from shelters. She even agreed to adopt the dog Spotty was mistaken for because she wants to give that dog a home, so he isn't euthanized as well.

That’s a commendable act by Melissa. She deserves some good karma.

Anyway, whether it was Scotty or Lucky, the real tragedy here is that we still have to euthanize animals because humans are either too stupid or too irresponsible to fix their pets and/or adopt one, and instead opt to buy some designer breed from a puppy mill. 

If you’re looking for a dog, I’d encourage you to go on Pet Finder or hit up the OKC Animal Welfare website before they execute another one. 

Stay with The Lost Ogle. Please help control the animal population and have your pet spayed or neutered.

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