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It’s time to create a database of Oklahoma lawmakers who’ve paid for abortions…

11:24 AM EST on February 19, 2024

Earlier this week, Oklahoma once again made national news for all the wrong reasons, when the media hyped some proposed Derplahoman legislation that would do things like ban birth control products like IUDs and Plan B and, even more dystopianly, create a database of women who have an abortion. 

The aim of the legislation is to shame women, empower moralistic theocrats, and perhaps most importantly, let church leaders and politicians know which fertile women to arrest first when they implement their Handmaid’s Tale fantasy.

The bill was introduced by State Rep. Kevin West – a straight and narrow and judgemental Republican who looks like he has a large collection of Nazi memorabilia and / or gay porn hidden in a shoe box in his closet…

Although the bill seems extreme, West is showing some compassion and not seeking to charge women who get an abortion with murder. He has his buddies for that…

To be clear, creating an Oklahoma abortionee database is extreme, dystopian, and is even raising concerns amongst Republicans, but if we’re going to go that route, shouldn’t we kick it up a notch and document all the lawmakers who have paid for an abortion?

You know, lawmakers like Eric Roberts from Oklahoma City.

We broke the story that the now staunchly pro-life lawmaker paid for his former mistress’s abortion back during his college days after he cheated on his girlfriend:

FWIW, I think abortion should be a safe, legal and very private medical procedure, but if we’re going to name all the women who get an abortion, it’s only fair we also name the lawmakers who pay for them, right? 

In fact, why limit it to lawmakers? Perhaps we go even deeper and shame all the men who impregnated a woman who got an abortion? It takes two to tango, right? 

Yes, that may also be equally regressive and stupid, and likely lead to a condom shortage across the state, but that would be a fun list to scroll through.

Anyway, if you’re a woman who had a lawmaker pay for your abortion, please hit us up on the TLO tipline. We’d love to help get that lawmaker abortion database started.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised. 

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