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Oklahoma earthquake rocks Snooki!!!

3:12 PM EST on February 5, 2024

Earthquakes in Oklahoma – as well as awful reality shows – are back whether we like them or not!

Over the weekend, Oklahomans all across the state – along with their nerves, home foundations, and in some cases, brick veneers – were shaken, rattled and rolled by yet another earthquake. 

This time around, it was a 5.1 rattler with an epi-center near Prague...

Obviously, non-Oklahoma residents who were unfortunately visiting our state during the seismic event also got to experience the fun.  

For example, the famed reality TV celebutante Snooki – the breakout low IQ star from The Jersey Shore – was literally shook up during the event, making her the biggest celebrity to experience an Oklahoma quaker since Kirk Herbstreit in 2011:

Yep, Snooki was in Oklahoma for the earthquake.

It makes you wonder – Was the earthquake caused by the oil and gas industry freshly lubricating ancient fault lines with a toxic array of fracking wastewater, or was it caused by Mayor David Holt jumping up and down in anger that he wasn’t able to get a selfie with her? 

I guess since Snooki was apparently in Tulsa for her daughter’s cheerleading event, the answer is "freshly lubricated ancient fault lines." That’s comforting to know, huh?

You have to admit, it is kind of ironic that Snooki was here for the earthquake.

The Prague area last experienced a 5-plus shaker back in 2011, which was also the last time Jersey Shore was relevant in the pop culture lexicon! And now with the show returning, earthquakes are suddenly and suspiciously heating back up!

I've lived too long to believe in coincidences, so it's pretty obvious to me that the Jersey Shore has been the catalyst for all these earthquakes over the years.* Sure, that's an absurd theory, but it makes as much sense as the oil and gas industry blaming the rising and failing water levels at Lake Arcadia.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

*No, Harold Hamm and David Boren didn't pay me to write that.

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