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Ryan Walters does terrible job milking free state-funded travel…

As both a media publisher and consumer, there’s nothing I love more than a good old-fashioned political shame piece that looks into a politician's state-funded travel and entertainment expenses.

Sure, the expenses may only account for a crumb or two in the whole grifty scheme of things, but they provide delicious low-hanging journalism fruit for the outrage machine that’s easy to pick, easy to digest, and – like a creamy cappuccino from the Harbor Mountain Coffee Shop in Muskogee – very easy to enjoy.

These journalism hit-pieces are even better when they’re flavored with a dash of hypocrisy and involve a “fiscally-conservative” Republican, so I was giddy with joy and excitement when I saw the Frontier published an expose on the out-of-state “workcation” expenses Ryan put on the taxpayer's dime.

Via The Frontier:

State Superintendent Ryan Walters jetted to Washington D.C. for media appearances and policy meetings, hobnobbed with conservative pundits at a movie premiere in Texas and spoke at conferences on education reform in Philadelphia and Denver — all while billing Oklahoma for his travel.

Walters filed more than $4,000 in claims for out-of-state travel expenses during his first year in office, according to reimbursement forms obtained by The Frontier. He expensed the trips despite an order from the Governor’s office banning public spending for most out-of-state travel.

Yep, cue the Dr. Evil voice – "Four THOUSAND dollars."

Did anyone else just say “That’s it?”

I know taxpayer waste is taxpayer waste, but I was expecting more here!

Ryan Walters literally helped mastermind the ClassWallet scheme that bilked taxpayers out of $18-million, and all he can coax out of his WOKE WAR ON PORN IN SCHOOL America arena tour is $4,000 in state-funded travel expenses? What a joke! That’s less than the cost of one Oklahoma private school tax voucher!

To make matters worse, Ryan wasted our money on boring stuff that’s as boring and depressing as in-school suspension.

For example, one of his taxpayer-funded excursions was a quick trip down to DFW. Instead of going to Six Flags, a nice restaurant, or even a Taylor Swift Eras concert, he went to the world premiere of an anti-abortion movie…

Walters claimed $489 in travel reimbursements to cover the cost of mileage, per diem and a hotel room in the Dallas area in April 2023 and attend the premiere of the anti-abortion horror film Nefarious. The film was shot in Oklahoma City and is about a serial killer who is set for execution but is possessed by a demon.

Yikes. I don’t care who’s paying for the trip or what your stance is on the topic, who – other than a disturbed psycho – would drive 200 miles to watch a movie about abortion? I bet he listened to Brick by Ben Folds Five the entire drive down just to make things extra depressing!

If you ask me, the only time it’s worth driving down to Dallas to watch a movie premiere is when it’s for my newest treatment – My Summer With Tommy:

When he wasn’t being Buzz Killington in DFW, Ryan was hanging out with one of the only groups of women who will accept him – angry dumb white suburban anti-public education moms:

Walters also billed the state between $1,025 and $1,220 for a speaking appearance at the Moms for Liberty Joyful Warriors Summit in Philadelphia in June, according to travel forms that included estimated airfare costs. Moms for Liberty covered the cost of his hotel room.

Question 1: Which La Quinta did Ryan stay at?

Question 2: Which Facebook mom who believes in chem-trails was his groupie?

Question 3? Did they reenact any scenes from Gender Queer?

“Hi Mr. Walters. I love all the work you’re doing keeping schools safe from furries, drag queens, and terrorist teacher unions.”

“Thank you, Karen. Now want to come up to my room and read some school library porn for research purposes?”

I would ask Ryan’s new Minister of Propaganda and Misinformation to answer those questions, but he’d probably just provide some long-winded right-wing response like he did to The Frontier:

Dan Isett, a spokesperson for Walters at the State Department of Education, did not answer The Frontier’s requests for more information about the purpose of the trips and why Walters was able to approve his own travel requests.

“Oklahomans are not surprised or fooled by another attack and fake controversy from the liberal media. Superintendent Walters will never stop leading Oklahoma and the nation to reform our schools, get back to basics, and improve student academic outcomes,” Isett said in an email. “There is a story to be told and travel throughout Oklahoma and around the country is a normal part of the duties of any statewide office holder. Superintendent Walters continues to meticulously protect Oklahoma taxpayers from the wasteful spending we’ve seen under previous administrations.”

There’s a story to be told alright – “Never move your family to Oklahoma, or they’re going to have Ryan Walters as a State Public School Superintendent.”

Sadly for the state, that’s the one most businesses and “job creators” see and hear when Ryan Walters speaks.

Anyway, The Frontier’s story, despite apparently being a “fake controversy from the liberal media” generated the typical amounts of outrage online, even if everyone was a bit disappointed he didn’t waste even more of our money. You can read more about it at The Frontier.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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