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TLO Restaurant Review: Smokin’ Joe’s BBQ in Noble

Many years ago, I reviewed Smokin’ Joe’s Rib Ranch in Rush Springs during the much-loved and semi-racist Rush Springs Watermelon Festival, pre-pandemic.

If I rightly recall, it was pretty good food with solid ribs and an inviting atmosphere, especially when compared to their next-door neighbor, the Redskin Diner. No thank you!

Flash-forward five years later, the restaurant has recently expanded to support a new Smokin’ Joe’s BBQ, 405 S. Main, in the sleepy town of Noble. I went there for lunch a few days ago and, much like the original joint, the place was buzzing.

Though the new building was more institutional than the rusty Rush Springs eatery, I really enjoyed the “high-school cafeteria” vibe. After a cadre of senior citizens entered the line, I put in my order and, after a half hour of caustically waiting, my hot food was ready to enjoy.

I'm not sure if it was a mistake, or compensation for my long wait, but I started the proceedings with a complimentary item I didn't even order – a bonus full-blown Hot Link Sandwich ($9.00). Hot diggity-dog!

Comprised of two jumbo hot links, smothered in barbecue sauce with a dab of mustard, and then sliced halfway on a hamburger bun, the sandwich was a tasty surprise.

The searing sausages were packed with red-hot flavor, providing a swift kick in the cojones, even more than I would have imagined. It was a great treat, even if I didn’t order it.

With the free stuff out of the way, I dug into my planned meal – a BBQ Brisket Sandwich $9.00) paired with the famed BBQ battle-tested side-dish, fried Okra ($3.00).

With no extra additions like pickles or onions on the plate, it took me a few moments to suss them all out.

As I popped some of the okra, I felt it was good enough but a little too mushy. On the other hand, the smoked brisket was nearly perfect. The scoop was big and brassy, with the meat sliding over the bun and spilling onto the paper-lined tray, making a whole big mess that I thoroughly enjoyed. This is why we have wet naps, right?

Good work, Smokin’ Joe’s!

Wanting a little treat for the ride home, I ordered the lysergic-sounding Strawberries on a Cloud ($8.00). Comprised of sliced strawberries, angel food cake, and so much whipped cream, it was a cream-dream floating on the moist atmosphere to barbecue Heaven.

Overall, Smokin’ Joe’s BBQ in Noble rekindled the same appreciation I had for their original Rush Springs location. Whether you're a long-time fan or a curious newcomer, it's worth the trip. And hey, who knows what surprise dish you might get to kickstart your meal?

Cómpralo ya!


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