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Oklahoma makes Top 10 List of Worst Places to Work…

Stitt’s aspirational goal to make Oklahoma a Top 10 state is becoming more and more of a reality!

Earlier this week, some group released a ranking of the worst states to work in. Coming in as a no surprise to no one who has a job, Oklahoma ranked #5.

Here are details via KOKH:

A new study finds Oklahoma is one of the worst states to work in.

The study, by Peaksales Recruiting, ranks Oklahoma as the fifth worst state for people to work in.

That stinks, but don’t worry. Our lawmakers are addressing this problem by doing things like proposing we turn away all federal education funding, so things are bound to get better. 

Here’s more:

To make that determination, researchers analyzed recent data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Bureau of Economic Analysis, the Census Bureau, MIT, and the Tax Foundation.

Metrics used in the study included job and GDP growth, union representation, weekly hours worked, commute times, remote work, and earnings ratio, which measures the living wage needed to support a family against the median wage.

Even though they love to promote any weird Internet ranking that puts Oklahoma in the Top 10 of something, Stitt and company have been silent regarding this honor. That’s kind of surprising. 

First of all, you’d think Stitt would be happy with Oklahoma ranking low in any methodology that takes into account union representation. That on its own would probably trigger a press release. 

Plus, if Oklahoma is a shitty place for workers, it has to be a great spot for the businesses that employ them!

If they’re not already, that’s something Stitt, lawmakers and other politicians who are continually stumped as to why businesses don’t want to relocate here should start pitching…

“Sure. Our state may be poor, uneducated, and managed by a bunch of backward-thinking right-wing religious zealots, but you can treat employees like shit and get away with it. Now who wants a tax subsidy?”

They should really make this the centerpoint of any future out-of-state business recruitment campaigns!

Sure, being a bad place for people to work may seem like an odd thing to promote, but it can’t be any worse than their current failed efforts to land legitimate businesses. 

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised,

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