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Ryan Walters silent after Woodward teacher charged for ass-slapping teenage girls…

2:44 PM EST on January 9, 2024

It’s time to play a new track on our favorite Ryan Walters broken record!

Late last week, Woodward Middle School PE teacher Benjamin Hall – it’s always the PE teacher, right? – was charged with seven counts of lewd acts with a minor under the age of 16.

According to his many alleged victims, Hall – who is married to the school principal – would use a meter stick, and sometimes even his hand, to slap the butts of teenage girls. He would also allegedly make a sexually suggestive remark or two. You know, typical perverted middle school PE teacher type of stuff.

The behavior has apparently been going on for a while. If tried and convicted, he risks spending anywhere from three to 20 years in one of our state's totally humane and dignified prisons, which probably explains the sad and terrified face he made in his mugshot:

Although the story is infuriating, and another cog in the ongoing trend of coaches and teachers doing inappropriate things with students, Oklahoma State School Superintendent Ryan Walters has been totally silent on the matter.

He hasn’t called for an investigation to see why this stuff keeps happening in Oklahoma schools, what can be done to prevent it, or – in the case of this incident in Woodward – why it was allowed to continue for such a long time.

Instead, he’s been more focused on politically motivated and manufactured scandals that fit his anti-Oklahoma public school, anti-LGBTQ, very pro-right-wing culture war narrative.

On Friday, Ryan issued a press release announcing he would seek the emergency suspension of a Western Heights School District employee’s teaching certificate.

It was picked up by a couple of TV news outlets.

Although the employee hasn’t been charged with a crime, he was the target of a 12-week undercover sting investigation by a right-wing vigilante pedophile entrapment brigade that – while likely projecting their own guilts, desires and insecurities – attempted to lure the staffer into meeting a fake 15-year-old boy for sex stuff.

The employee was targeted by the right-wing vigilante entrapment brigade due to his association Shane Murnan – the drag queen school principal with a questionable past who has become the ire of Ryan Walters and other ultra-right-wing nuts last summer.


State Superintendent Ryan Walters announced Friday he will seek emergency suspension of an employee in the Western Heights school district.

Walters said the man works at Western Heights High School. An online group called Oklahoma Predator Prevention posted a one-hour video with the man, accusing him of inappropriately chatting with a 15-year-old boy.

The group confronted the man with transcripts of the chat. The man allegedly made plans to meet up with the boy but backed out.

The Oklahoma City Police Department was called to a home after that confrontation. But as of Friday evening, there were no court records to indicate that charges were filed in the case.

I located the Oklahoma Predator Prevention article that documented their 12-week sting. My first thought was – isn’t 12 weeks an inordinately long amount of time for someone to pose as a horny 15-year-old boy in a failed effort to seduce and entrap another grown man?

I’ll admit – I’ve never tried to entrap a pervert on the Internet – but that seems excessive!

If Oklahoma Predator Prevention wants to save time, they should just pretend to be nubile 15-year-old cheerleader and hit up all the perverted high school coaches, PE teachers and State School Superintendents around the state! If they do that, they’ll find more perverts and pedophiles than an ice cream truck HR recruiter, especially if the cheerleader says she likes to get slapped on the butt with a ruler...

Once again, I found the source material that inspired Ryan Walters to issue his press release and statement.

I’m not linking to it here because I don’t want to be sued, but based on some of the screenshots they shared, the Chris Hansen-wannabes actually do a decent job at making you question if the employee – just like with Shane Murnan – should be involved in public education.

If what the group posted is true, the employee was obviously being flirty with someone he thought was a 15-year-old boy.

That being said, even if there’s smoke with the fire they started with lighter fluid, it’s hard to treat the investigation very seriously because it was conducted with the obvious political goal of entrapping an associate of Shane Murnan, and further discrediting the Western Heights School District.

For example, how can any sane, non-right-wing yahoo take an article that contains a passage like this seriously:

Pro Tip – Are you looking for an easy way to decipher real news from propaganda? If so, skim the piece for a section that praises Ryan Walters's work to “Strengthen Educator’s Code of Conduct.”

That’s an easy tell, because that statement is unequivocally false!

You see, Ryan Walters only cares about “Educator Conduct” when it’s convenient to him, and can be used as ammo for his political fights and culture war battles against the "wokes" and public education.

Otherwise, he’s fine looking the other way, ignoring real problems like teachers thinking it's okay to slap a teen's ass, and encouraging and enabling people to spend 12 weeks on the Internet pretending to be a horny 15-year-old boys.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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