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Channel 25 publishes, then deletes, transparent Ryan Walters propaganda…

11:18 AM EST on January 3, 2024

Channel 25 has your back… especially if you’re a right-wing political edge lord hell-bent on destroying education in Oklahoma!

Late last week, KOKH Channel 25 – Oklahoma City’s Sinclair-owned Fox affiliate – decided to mock the institution of journalism and publish a bizarre bit of propaganda that portrayed Ryan Walters as the most transparent State Superintendent in agency history.

They did this despite Ryan being a public education saboteur who was recently subpoenaed by the Oklahoma State House because he refused to turn over agency records and information. 

Because the piece was misleading, untrue, and came across as branded content that was directly purchased by Ryan Walters, the article generated a heavy dose of outrage on Oklahoma Txitter. 

In a nod to non-transparency, Channel 25 deleted the piece without any explanation, but not before we captured this screenshot:

I’m not sure if the article was the result of blatant conservative media propaganda – or just the work of an incompetent staffer who was stuck manning the content desk over the holidays – but that’s pathetic even by Sinclair-owned media standards.

Ryan Walters is as transparent as a block of lead, which coincidentally, is something he sucked on a lot as a kid!

After the article was deleted and scrubbed from the Internet, Channel 25 replaced it with a new article that was a bit more subtle in its praise of Ryan Walters...

That’s a bit better. I appreciate Fox 25’s efforts to tone down their Ryan Walters propaganda and make it a little less obvious they’re serving as a mouthpiece for his administration, but couldn’t they have used a new photo where Ryan doesn’t look like he’s taking over for Bob Mills? 

Oh well, at least we can have fun with it...

After KOKH went out of its way to promote Ryan Walters, other media outlets took a more honest approach to Ryan’s transparency. For example, KFOR published this:

Oklahoma Watch reporter Paul Monies shared this:

It’s always funny to see Paul Monies go after Ryan Walters. 

For those who don’t know, Paul’s wife is local PR flack Jennifer Monies. She’s one of Oklahoma’s premier public school grifter saboteurs, a gung-ho Ryan Walters supporter, and has been a key behind-the-scenes player in his rise up the Oklahoma political and education ranks. 

Basically, Paul and Jennifer are like the George and Kellyann Conway of the Oklahoma politico-sphere. I bet that leads to some interesting dinner conversations in the Monies household:

“How was your day?”

“It was okay. I got Channel 25 to tout Ryan Walters as the most transparent superintendent in global history. How was yours?”

“Frustrating. The OSDE still hasn’t filled my open records request for information about Ryan Walters.”

“That’s a shame. Will you pass the haggis?”

Anyway, with the political season only a month or two away, and Walters and Co. firing up their tan SUV engines to use culture wars as a distraction in their quest to sabotage and destroy public education, it will be interesting to see what other forms of pro-Ryan Walters propaganda Channel 25 publishes this year. 

As always, stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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