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5 White Male Oklahoma Democratic Politicans to Discuss DEI…

10:03 AM EST on December 19, 2023

One week after Governor Kevin Stitt signed a controversial executive order calling for an end to DEI programs within all chambers, branches, and prayer groups of the Oklahoma government, state Democrats have united to show why these programs are still needed.  

Later tonight, a panel of five charming white male Oklahoma Democratic politicians will meet for a “discussion” about D.E.I.

I don’t know if the organizers in the Oklahoma Democratic Party are simply that tone-deaf and unaware – or if the whole thing is carefully planned and orchestrated satirical nod to irony – but the exclusion of women, minorities, and other people who aren’t successful white male politicians from the panel shows just how far some people – especially those in the Democratic party’s base – still need to go for inclusion.

Check this out:

It may seem odd that the political party that advocates heavily for DEI programs would choose five white male politicians to discuss the topic, but when you consider 50% of Oklahoma Democratic State Reps (10 of 20) and 100% of Oklahoma Democratic Senators (9 out of 9) fall in the diversity spectrum, maybe the party just wanted its white male minority to finally have their voices heard. 

You have to admit, it should be a fun and informative discussion. I can’t think of anything more enjoyable than hearing five liberal white men awkwardly walk on eggshells while discussing their views on diversity, equality, and inclusion. 

I wonder how many times we’ll get to hear them say things like “Now I can’t put myself in a woman's shoes, but…” or “I’ll admit, I haven’t experienced institutional racism or job discrimination, but” or “What the hell am I doing here right now? Who organized this??? But...?”

I'd set the over / under at a couple of dozen.

According to the Ogle Mole Network, some of the people in the all-white male panel didn’t even know they were participants until after it was announced, which I’m sure they enjoyed seeing. That could be white details for the event have been quickly scrubbed from social media. 

It could also explain why the party also asked some diverse young Democrats to share their views on the DEI topic:

Things could change by the time of the meeting, but according to my Moles in the Democratic Party, the Young Democrat Panel will be speaking after the Caucasian Panel, which totally isn’t a bad look, or just another glaring example of why DEO programs are still needed within the state government... and the Oklahoma Democratic Party. 

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised. 

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