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House Democrats renew Ryan Walters impeachment fantasy… 

In a nice effort to remind everyone they exist before the world checks out for the end-of-year holidays, Oklahoma Democrats renewed their noble, never-going-to-happen fantasy to impeach Ryan Walters. 

Here’s a tweet the powerless, super-minority House Democrats tweeted out today calling for a “bipartisan” committee to investigate impeachment charges:

On one hand, I guess you can’t blame the House Democrats for giving this the old woke college try. 

They have nothing to lose by making a rational plea for moderate conservatives to do their job, band together, and investigate whether or not the gleefully incompetent fool who’s trying to destroy Oklahoma public education from the inside by doing things like rejecting federal grant funding deserves to be impeached or not.

Sure, there’s no way in hell moderate conservatives would dare cross the Moron Moms For Liberty Prager U Prayer In School Choice brigade and risk being primaried, but just like how moderate conservatives have to pander to their base for attention by demanding prayer in school or banning no-fault divorce or arming crossing guards, Democrats sometimes have to do the same thing. 

That being said, I think this is also a “watch what you wish for” type of thing.

Although calling for Ryan to be impeached will get some social media likes, he’s like a Dark Side Jedi in that liberal hate and controversy only make him stronger, so even if there was an investigation into impeachment, Ryan and his puppet masters (Matt Langston, Janet Barresi, OCPA, Moms for Liberty, Baphomet, etc.) would simply find a way to exploit it and come out of it even stronger.

That’s why Democrats should try conservative misinformation and reverse projection tactics to combat Ryan Walters. 

For example, you know how Stitt issued that executive order to eliminate DEI programs in the state in an effort to – wink wink – reduce racism at Oklahoma universities where frat boys chant the N-word before date parties? 

Well, maybe Democrats should give Ryan Walters a "Visionary in Classroom Propaganda" award for his efforts to put Prager U in schools, or an "Innovator in Fact-Optional Education" medal for his dogged determination to make sure students know that racism had nothing to do with the Tulsa Race Massacre.

Better yet, maybe they can partner with the OEA to get Ryan named to the Oklahoma Education Hall of Fame for his revolutionary efforts to destroy public education in the state he calls home!

Sure, it may seem weird to honor Ryan, but once his simpleton supporters learn he's being recognized and praised by Democrats, his support will cool faster than a cup of Harbor Mountain Coffee House coffee left out on the counter.

Then, and only then, will the calls for impeachment stand a chance.  

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised. 

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