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Can DHS check on Ryan Walters’s children?

Here at The Lost Ogle, we always try to have some fun at Ryan Walters's expense.

You know, like mercilessly mocking the chode’s general incompetence, embarrassing gaffes, tan SUV video rants, and other comical elements of his contrived anti-woke crusade that serves as an attention-grabbing front and distraction to his effort to sabotage, destroy and privatize Oklahoma public education from the inside.

Hell, we’ve even gone so far as to name our huge $29.99 annual subscription anniversary sale in his honor!

Although we enjoy lampooning most aspects of Ryan’s public and private life – from his engagement photos to his staffing hires and to the fresh coffee being served at the Harbor Mountain Coffee Shop – we don’t want it to mask the serious nature of his actions, and the detrimental effect it can have on Oklahoma children, including his very own.

That’s what I need to seriously ask – Can DHS check on Ryan’s children?

I bring this up because Ryan has apparently signed up as a social media influencer for Prager U – the widely mocked and ridiculed ultra-right-wing Evangelical propaganda group that wants to indoctrinate children with warped interpretations of our country’s history and culture that promotes American Exceptionalism and other conservative and Christian Nationalist dogmas instead of what actually happened.

In a video the company released yesterday, Ryan not only expresses how he wants to unleash Prager U propaganda – like a video where Fredrick Douglass lauds the compromise of slavery – inside Oklahoma classrooms, but also that he exposes his own poor and vulnerable children to the propaganda.

Check this out:

Before we continue, I’d like to point out that this video proves that whenever Ryan warns of woke leftist teacher union propaganda infiltrating schools, he’s doing nothing but projecting his desire to unleash propaganda on students. Also, because Ryan is such a buffoon, it’s impossible to tell whether he’s aware of it or not.

Also, by watching the video, you can easily tell that Ryan is a student of history… especially on how Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union effectively used propaganda to brainwash and influence school-age youth.

Seriously, what a psycho!

I’d be really interested to see what “history” books Ryan has hidden in his basement where only his militia buddies can see them. Based on what we know about his A) tendency to project and B) efforts to ban library books, I imagine it’s a fantastic collection of titles you’d see on a shelf in the background of a study while watching American History X or Apt Pupil.

With all that being said…

Can we really get DHS to check on the welfare of the children in the Walters household? I can only imagine what hell they’re going through…

“Daddy, can we watch Paw Patrol please.”

“Yes, but first let me show you this video about how the colonization of America was beneficial to Indians.”

Seriously, those poor kids. I feel genuinely sorry for them. Although, on a positive note, they’ll probably be ahead of other Oklahoma Students after Ryan and the Oklahoma State School Board make Prager U-produced textbooks mandatory for every classroom.

Anyway, I guess we’ll check with our DHS moles to see when and if an investigation will be launched and keep you updated.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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