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Stitt Laments Measly $147,000 Gubernatorial Salary…

I guess it’s time to start a GoFundMe to help cover Kevin Stitt’s kids' private school tuition payments!

Earlier this week, after a marred and delayed launch courtesy of Oklahoma’s Top 10 for Dysfunction and Ineptitude State Government, the Stitt administration officially unveiled its private school voucher portal to help religious zealots, wealthy aristocrats and other people like our Governor who want to see public education fail, claim their big tax credits. 

In an article with Oklahoma Watch, Governor Stitt – a guy likely worth over $100,000,000 thanks to the shady and unethical mortgage loan empire he built in the leadup to the 2008 financial crisis – explained how excited he was to claim the credit/voucher that’s only available to the limited few who send their kids to private schools. 

You know, because “every bit helps.”

Stitt, who has three children in private schools, said his family plans to take advantage of the income tax credit. Stitt, and his wife, Sarah, also have three older children. 

“I think my wife was planning to fill out the form,” Stitt said. “Everybody knows what my salary is as the state of Oklahoma governor. Every bit helps. There’s caps on it, where we’re going to prioritize it with the $75,000 and $150,000 (income levels) all in one bucket. But we’re all anxious to find out how many people are out there, how many people sign up for it, and also how many new schools are started, which I’m real excited to see.”

Yep, that’s right. 

The centimillionaire who only makes $147,000 a year in salary as Governor of Oklahoma can’t wait to claim a tax credit courtesy of the Oklahoma people to help cover his kids' private school tuition.

I guess it’s nice to know this law is working out exactly how our local ruling class intended, huh? The last thing we’d want is for Stitt to have take out a second mortgage on his $2.75-million mansion to fund his kids' private school education. 

Naturally, social media critics, trolls, and other people who think our Governor is a moronic, tone-deaf numbskull, latched onto the quote and criticized Stitt for not only publicly admitting he’ll take advantage of tax credit that’s supposed to help middle-class families but for lamenting his salary, which is almost three times higher than the median Oklahoma household income of $56,956.

I guess his poor staffers even realized how stupid and selfish the quote made the Governor look, so they quickly backtracked

On Wednesday morning, Stitt’s spokesman Abegail Cave said the governor, upon reflection about the issue, decided not to apply for the tax credit.

“The Governor encourages all Oklahoma families to apply for the tax credit,” Cave wrote in an email to the Oklahoman. “He did say he would, but after talking to his wife, they decided to not apply and make sure other Oklahoma families have the opportunity to get the credit.”

That’s funny. It would have been interesting to be a fly on Stitt’s Edmond mansion wall to hear that conversation:

“Kevin. I’m not going to waste time filling out paperwork for a measly state tax credit. We make $5,000 an hour in interest alone. It’s not worth the effort.”

“I’m sorry, sweetheart. I’ll retract the statement today!” 

“Thanks. Now where are the keys to the state SUV? I’m going to the country club for bottomless mimosas and bunco.”

Anyway, I guess if you send your kid to private school and want to take advantage of a tax credit built on bad policy with the ultimate goal of wiping out Oklahoma public schools because “every bit helps,” head over to the state website before it likely crashes. 

If you want to criticize our moron governor, sign up for a heavily discounted TLO subscription and leave a comment.

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